ROCKY (2013): Mahaakshay Makes a Splash in Kolkata with Tollywood Debut - Review, Story, Trailer and Wallpaper at WBRI

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal

Indian Kolkata Bangla Movie ROCKY (2013) Outdoor Poster in Kolkata

Kolkata, May 5, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): Perhaps no better effort could have been made to launch Mahaakshay Chakraborty (aka Mimoh) in Tollywood Indian Kolkata Bangla movie industry than director Sujit Mondal’s commercial Bengali feature film ‘Rocky’  (a remake of Tamil film ‘Ooseravalli’).

Mahakshay  plays the title role of Rocky in the film. Rocky is a Mumbai-based scofflaw is who often seen beating up some guys for a reason, or others for no reason at all. With the cops on his trail, he reaches Kashmir. Though he fails in the mission that took him to Kashmir, he comes across pretty Nandini (Pooja Bose) and falls for her.

He follows her to Kolkata and finds that she is living as a paying guest with one of her friends. Rocky starts pursuing them and when one day he finds out that they are being ousted by the landlord, he brings them to a grand house but surprisingly for a very low rent.

Gradually Rocky learns that presently Nandini is in a relationship with Avik (Sujjoy Ghosh), the son of a rich political honcho. Rocky still pursues her and quickly challenges Avik face to face about Nandini.

Soon another meeting between Rocky and Avik follows and the resulting altercation brings out the dark side of Avik as he reveals a lot about himself and his family background.

Moments later, to his utter shock, Avik realizes that Nandini was witnessing everything from a corner and the whole thing was pre-arranged by Rocky. Nandini dumps Avik at the very moment and walks away with Rocky.

The very next day Avik goes missing along with his father and within a short time their bodies are found in a wetland. Clues lead to Rocky and when a police inspector tracks down Rocky, he shoots the cop.

Nandini’s friend sees it all but before she can spill the beans, Rocky gets hold of her and reveals some shocking facts about Nandini’s past and himself. The audience learns Nandini’s actual name is Anindita and her elder brother was an undercover cop who was betrayed by his senior officer and that officer happens to be the one that Rocky has just shot.

Anindita got a bullet in her brain during the raid of the gangsters at her house which killed all the other members of her family. Anindita survived the attack but as predicted by the doctors the bullet lodged in her brain wiped out her memories within a short time. But before that Anindita had assigned Rocky the task to avenge the wounds inflicted by the mafia gang.

What happens next comprises rest of the film.

Indian Kolkata Bangla Movie ROCKY (2013) Outdoor Poster in Kolkata

It will, of course, not be right to compare Mahaakshay to his iconic Indian film actor dad Mithun Chakrabarty. But still it can be said that with acting in his blood (his mother Yogeetawali is also a well known actress) and having a guide like Mithun, Mahaakshay was expected to deliver an outstanding performance. He is still to pick up the art of portraying finer emotions and he only sticks to extreme expressions only - sometimes overdoing the laughing or getting angry parts.

Mahaakshay definitely can dance and his stature makes him look suitable in action sequences too. Watching him, one wonders if Mahaakshay would actually shine more as an antagonist rather than a hero. Mukul Dev and Aditya Pancholi are excellent examples of heroes turned villains.

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Pooja Bose looked good and she has performed quite well. In fact this is her best performance among the four Bengali films she has attempted so far (prior ones being ‘Macho Mastana’, ‘Challenge 2’ and ‘Loveria’).

Sujjoy Ghosh as Abhi has played his part well. Remarkably, he pulls of better screen presence than Mahaakshay in some sequences, like the one at second Hoogly Bridge over Ganges where both actors face off.

Bharat Kaul as the mafia lord was perhaps the only character who was detailed most appropriately. Going by acting skills, Bharat Kaul is best in this movie.

Rocky shows some good camera work, especially song and action sequences, courtesy of cinematographer Syed Jaan Ahmed. But the editing by Rabironjan Moitra, who recently did great jobs with ‘Goynar Baksho’ and ‘Kanamachi’, surprisingly falters and there are a lot of jerks. May be this has happened in an attempt to keep in pace with an ill-nurtured script by N.K.Salil.

The script has made everything happen too fast. Little time is allotted for development of any character or plot. For instance, Avik spares a old age home as requested by Nandini and the very next day Nandini and Avik fall in love with each other. Also in the climax, Nandini seems to know the way to the mafia hideout (yes ‘hideout’ it was indeed) from her home as she reaches it by foot within minutes.

At the end of the day, the audience of this kind of action-romance based commercial flicks rarely think about facts. So Rocky has enough of those elements which they will remember, including a song featuring Mithun Chakrabarty.

‘Rocky Rajesh’, the fight-master, has therefore also played an unofficial title role. Watching those action sequences where Mahaakshay  turns into ‘Chris Gayle’ and hits goons all around with a rod and sends them flying miles is surely a delight for action lovers.

If you are an action film lover or have a passion for comparison (especially between father and son or between original films and remakes) then Rocky is your choice of movie.