Paoli Dam in Vikram Bhatt’s New Film "Ankur Arora Murder Case": Reveals Real Incidents of Medical Negligence

Bengali Actress Paoli Dham in Kolkata (WBRI file picture)
Bengali Actress Paoli Dam in Kolkata (WBRI file picture)

Mumbai, May 3, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): Here to expose and address the fatal flaws in the medical profession – producer/director Vikram Bhatt with his forthcoming next titled Ankur Arora Murder Case which is scheduled to release 14th June 2013 ,will take audiences from the operation theatre to the courtroom as an eminent surgeon ,essayed by the talented  K K Menon ,will be put on the stand and tried for murder.

Starring KK Menon,Tisca Chopra, Paoli Dam and Arjun Mathur, the eye-opener directed by Suhail Tatari and co-produced by Dhanraj Films Pvt Ltd and BVG Films (a division of ASA), is inspired by real-life incidents of medical negligence ,with all strata of society falling prey to the episodes that very few are aware of.

Says producer Vikram Bhatt, “I am aiming at making a realistic drama on one of middleclass Indian's biggest fears, death in a hospital. I'm deeply disturbed by the spate of deaths due to medical negligence. We presume only the poor die due to medical negligence. Not so. The rich who can afford the best treatment also perish because someone in the Operation Theater goofs up. It's very important to not to let gross medical negligence go unpunished. . We are saying that Ankur Arora didn't die just because doctors failed to save him. Instead, it was plain murder”.

Directed by Suhail Tatari ,Vikram Bhatt,Dhanraj Films Pvt Ltd and BVG Films ' Ankur Arora Murder Case comes to a theater near you 14th June 2013.