The One Rupee Film Project: Young Kolkata Film-makers' Crowd-Funded Movie Teaser Trailer Released Online

The One Rupee Film Project

Kolkata, May 30, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Anamitra Roy and Sriparna Dey, the independent filmmaker duo from Bengal (interview) who had launched The One Rupee Film Campaign this February have finally uploaded the first promo of their upcoming ninety-minute docu-fiction about the independent film-making scenario in India.

Also, their crowd-funding took a new turn a couple of days back as they joined hands with Wishberry, an Indian crowd-funding platform who also offer the option of collecting your donation from your doorstep. The campaign's page is:

They have been receiving a lot of acclaim in various circles inside and outside Bengal and around one-tenth of the minimum funds needed for the complete film's production has been collected so far. Their film-making journey can be followed on where Anamitra Roy pours his memories out, showing us like never before the dark personal twists that take place in response to the unfortunate incidents that an independent-minded individual who dreams of making films must survive, store and take it in his stride. With Sriparna at his side he embarks on a journey that many skeptics will shrug off to even believe in. The One Rupee Film is their answer not just to the despair and depression but also the empty vows that self-claiming struggling artists make about the constraints of commerce on their work. To show that this is possible, click on the link, and do your bit. Share this on your social networking page. Make it happen with all you can."

Watch the teaser trailer: