Actor Vijay Badlani goes negative in Hindi TV serial "Tujh Sangh Preet Lagai Sajana" on Sahara One

By  S.B. Sharma

Vijay Badlani

Mumbai, May 28, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Sahara One's serial’, “Tujh Sangh Preet lagai Sajana” is planning to increase its TRP and Vijay Badlani, who is playing the role of Naren Kumar, will see a makeover in his character.

Initially Naren was an idiotic comedy character, who dies not has a much importance in Modi family. Now he has changed his tracks and he has become intelligent and the family takes him seriously.

The man who was afraid of his wife is now the boss.

The transformation has gone from comedy to negative. Let us see if it helps the TV shows TRP.

Vijay Badlani Says, "This is good for me. Everyone has to play different characters like comedy, negative and others. It gives me opportunity to display my talents. I have acted lots in Sony TV's CID and can play different types of character with ease."

Vijay Badlani

Vijay Badlani