WBRi Movie Review – KOYEKTI MEYER GOLPO (Bengali, 2012): The Girl Brigade Delivers a Tollywood Winner

Koyekti Meyer Golpo (2012) Bangla Movie Outdoor Poster in Kolkata

Kolkata, May 26, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / Penning Creations) The name of director Subrata Sen (interview) has almost become synonymous with creative and rather bold "urban" film-making. Sen had created ripples with his first film itself Ek Je Achhey Kanya which marked the silver screen debut of Konkona Sen Sharma, and the man had kept up the good work with his subsequent films Bibar, Nil Nirjane and Hotath Neerar Jannyo. Sen's latest offering Koyekti Meyer Golpo was also expected to be a hard-hitting affair, with the movie dealing with the off-beat theme of escort services in Kolkata. Subrata Sen does weave up several moments of magic in Koyekti Meyer Golpo.

Trailer: Koyekti Meyer Golpo (Bengali, 2012)

Koyekti Meyer Golpo acquaints us with Rini (Raima Sen) and Pooja (Tanushree Chakraborty) reflecting on their lives. Rini puts up a brave front as she proclaims that she has no guilty qualms about her profession, or any other aspect of her life for that matter. She also states that she is perfectly open to the natural progression of societal circumstances. Rini and Pooja are not just any ordinary escort service providers, however. They have been sent by an underworld mafia lord (Shantilal Mukhopadhyay) to extort Rs. 1 crore from a wealthy business tycoon (Supriyo Dutta).

In the movie, we also meet Tanya (Locket Chatterjee), the lady who leads the Escort Services agency. Apart from Pooja and Rini, Molly (Parno Mitra) also works in the organization. Molly has separate issues in her life as well. She develops a close relationship with Ashesh (Subrata Dutta), a blind person, who wishes to use the former as his muse by - well, physically touching her. Ashesh is a writer by profession and tries his best to convince Molly that it is within her that he can find the inspiration for his next novel.

In yet another turn of affairs, viewers come across the bored and desperate wife (Mumtaz Sorcar) of the mafia lord who controls the activities of all the girls at the escort services. To complicate matters, her sexual interests swings both ways, which adds to her frustrations in life. In fact, her sister is a lesbian. What's more, the latter is a schizophrenic and imagines that there is a woman who drifts in and out of her room. Driven on by her hallucinations, the poor girl even leaves home in search of her elusive companion. How will the intricate sub-plots pan out in the end?

No praise is ample enough for director Subrata Sen for having the sheer guts to pick up the bold theme of escort services in Kolkata city. However, the directorial mastery of Sen is somewhat in short supply in the film, with the screenplay being just a tad on the slack side. There are scenes in the movie which remind us of the filmmaker's talent of capturing beautiful moments - the idyllic sea beach where Parno tells Kanchana her own life-story is a fine example on that count.

The performances of the meyes in Koyekti Meyer Galpo are uniformly top-notch, however. Tanushree Chakraborty (interview), who had wowed cine-goers in urbane movies like Bedroom earlier, once again does a stellar job in this movie. The way in which she portrays her self-confidence and the willingness to take on whatever brickbats life has to throw at her is quite stunning. Tanushree has already been receiving considerable acclaims as one of the most talented young actresses of our times and even has Bollywood offers in her kitty. If her act in Koyekti Meyer Galpo is anything to go by, this is one lady who is destined for truly rich Tolly as well as Bolly fame.

Parno Mitra, one of the regulars in slightly offbeat films, does a fine job in Koyekti Meyer Galpo. Parno's character, Molly, serves as the narrator and the connecting link among all the other characters in the movie. One, in fact, wishes that there was more of Parno in the movie - such is the verve and brightness she brings to each frame. Mumtaz Sorcar, as the wife of the mafia head, does a decent job. Sorcar may come across as being at greater ease with lighter roles as in Bhuter Bhabishyat. Locket Chatterjee is as reliable as always, and she manages to give her much younger colleagues in the movie a run for their money, as far as style and glamor are concerned. Newcomer Nimisha Dey Sarkar (interview) does a fair job. Raima Sen looks bright in what can be termed as an extended cameo.

The male actors, already sidelined by the ladies in Koyekti Meyer Golpo who have all the author-backed roles, do not quite manage to match the performances of their female counterparts. Shantilal Mukhopadhyay, as the mafia leader, wears a permanent scowl on his face and probably hopes that it would be passed off as an emotive expression. Supriyo Dutta, as the rich businessman, is hardly there. Only Subrata Dutta (interview), or Subrat Dutt as he is known as in Bollywood, as the blind writer Ashesh, does a fabulous job. In fact, the scenes between Subrata and Parno form some of the most interesting bits in Koyekti Meyer Galpo. The undercurrent of sensuality between the two comes across quite beautifully in the movie.

Koyekti Meyer Golpo has a nice, polished feel to its sets and locations and one has to hand it to cinematographer Premendu Bikash Chaki for lending such visual richness to the movie. Dialogs are crisp and smart and character treatments are quite detailed as well. Indeed, if only Rabi Ranjan Moitra's editing had been a tad more efficient, the movie would not have tended to drag a wee bit in the second half, which is a rare shortcoming of the film.

Music director Chandan Raychowdhury's compositions in Koyekti Meyer Galpo are nothing short of brilliant. Few films in recent times have boasted of a musical score that has such a rare combination of lilting melody and overall relevance to the film as this movie does. Jibon Godyo Likhe Jaay (sung quite mesmerizingly by Raghab) and Khunte Kha Jiboner Daana could easily find places among modern Tollywood masterpieces. Taniya's Raatdin Saatdin is also definitely worth listening to.

All in all, Koyekti Meyer Golpo is a quite fantastic take on the issue of urban escort services – the existence of which is somewhat kept under wraps in society. Subrata Sen's directorial acumen and the power-packed performances from the girl-brigade make it one of the best movies to come out this season.

Koyekti Meyer Galpo puts yet another feather on the already proud movie-making cap of Subrata Sen. We are already waiting for your next, Mr. Sen!