Punjabi Singer Sameer Releases New Album Saiyaan

Saiyan - Sameer: Official Music Video Promo

Mumbai, May 21, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRLog) The Album ‘Saiyyaan’, which means beloved, is a sincere experiment with a never before jugal bandi or fusion of contemporary rock and hip-hop with traditional Punjabi folk music as well as a fusion of the guitar with the tumbi, dhol, and algozay. The idea behind this is to cut across the divides of disparate cultures, social boundaries, time, and even language. The music of the title track, ‘Saiyyaan’ is intensely passionate, bringing to one’s mind images of a barren countryside and the dark reflections of a soul yearning endlessly for the love of his life. One can see a quick glimpse of beautiful eyes or the flash of a stunning smile before they quickly disappear, leaving the viewer longing for more. Another track, ‘Jatta’ is more traditional with light-hearted, foot tapping music and is full of the vibrant energy that is associated with Punjabi folk music. ‘Singh Surmay’ with Daler Mehndi again is a very different song that pays tribute to the courage and gallantry of the Punjabi warrior.

“Speed Records”, the biggest name in Punjabi music launched Ssameer’s heart-throbbing debut Punjabi album, “Saiyyaan” in the presence of musicians and scores of fans. After the success of his earlier work as a young Singer, Guitarist and Music Director, Ssameer was asked to record and shoot his solo Punjabi fusion debut album, “Saiyyaan”. The 7-track album consists of contemporary rock and hip-hop with traditional Punjabi folk, and reaches out to a diverse audience by cutting across the divides of disparate cultures, social boundaries, time and even language. One of the strengths of the album is that it brings a diverse flavour to Punjabi music along with an instant recognition factor due to the atypical accent of the versatile singer.

During the launch of the album, besides Ssameer, there were Shamsher Mehndi, Manpreet Singh, Gora Singh, Nishant Mudgal, and senior officials of Speed Records, among an audience of over 100 music lovers who had been eagerly waiting for the launch of the album and to get their autographed CD, signed by the singer himself.

The album ‘Saiyyaan’ had its exclusive World Premiere on PTC Punjabi channel with the video being played exclusively in PTC Punjabi for a week with a 20 time daily rotation. The song ‘Jatta’ from the album ‘Saiyyaan’ was specially introduced and featured on BBC UK and received rave reviews. The album is available in leading music stores and on I-Tunes, among other major digital stores. The song, ‘Saiyyaan’ is available on Youtube where there has been fantastic response by music lovers. Music aficionados and Ssameer’s fans can listen to the preview of the songs from the album on I-Tunes. The teasers of the video of ‘Saiyyaan’ from the album were uploaded on Ssameer’s Facebook page, and have 27,000 fans ‘liking’ the stunning video teasers in a matter of days.

Ssameer’s next 2 videos for the songs, ‘Jatta’ and ‘Soniye’ will be shot in London shortly. ‘Soniye’ from the album is at the number 2 and 8 positions in Delhi and Indian Pop charts, respectively. Ssameer, a versatile non-Punjabi speaking singer, who through his work with UK based singers, Jaan and Arya expanded his horizons to incorporate new age sounds in his music. The video of the album, shot in Jaisalmer, is directed by Akash Nelson. The album has been mastered by Robert King of Z-Noise Recording Studios in London.

Ssameer thanked the fans, musicians and media present with the promise, “I ‘ll continue to reach out to all music lovers across the world. I’m willing to learn many different Indian languages in my quest to connect with different Indian cultures, emotions and sensibilities. I’m receiving incredible feedback from all. Everyone is very positive about the popularity of the album due to reasons like, freshness of presentation, tracks and video. I strongly believe in the beauty of cultural diversity, as also the power of the universal language of love that unites diversity. Music can cut across boundaries.”

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Satvinder Singh alias Sonu ji, Managing Director, Speed Records, "We are very excited about launching 'Saiyyaan', by a multi-talented artiste like Ssameer. He brings in a feel of freshness to the vibrant Punjabi music industry. Our expectations of success from this album are very high. The sound, accent and beat that he has adapted in this album are novel. With our experience in the music industry, we can safely say that Ssameer will set new, vibrant benchmarks in the entire Indian music industry."

According to Mr. Shamsher Mehndi, "Ssameer's youthful energy and soulful voice is sure to bring a new vibrancy in our industry. I personally like all the songs of the album, Saiyyaan, as they are heartfelt and reflect the true colours of Punjab in a novel manner. My congratulations and best wishes for great success to Ssameer and Manpreet for the future."

As a Music Producer of repute, Ssameer has done the catchy Music Track for 'Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi', directed and written by Rakesh Mehta and produced by K Sera Sera. The comedy drama comes with a refreshing story and music that stirred with the youth to a new beat. Besides, he has done half-a-dozen film tracks, including Sarhad Paar, The Silent Sherpa, Hum Phir Milein Na Milein, Gandhi to Hitler and I Don’t Love You (yet to be released). Also sitting pretty in the resume are countless commercials, radio jingles and a montage.