BIG Bal Kalakar Top 3

Lucknow, India, May 13, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / BIG Bal Kalakaar, the first ever platform to acknowledge the singing prowess of young talented bal kalakaars from the heartland, presented by BIG MAGIC and 92.7 BIG FM promise continues to be a memorable experience and complete entertainment combined with spirituality, exclusively for the Hindi Heartland. With belief that children’s singing talent is best epitomized when they sing Devotional songs, as that brings out the purity and richness in the voices, BIG MAGIC has found unbelievable talent rush of the region through the show.

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With excellent performances and soulful melodies, touching upon spirituality & religion, each week, BIG Bal Kalakaar becomes one of the most awaited shows of the week. The theme this week, April 30th to May 4th, Monday to Friday at 7.00 pm, is pilgrimage. A pilgrimage is a long journey or search of great moral significance. Sometimes, it is a journey to a sacred place or shrine of importance. Most Hindus who can afford to go on such journeys to iconic religious places, go on pilgrimage to Char Dham, Kumbha Mela ,Kashi, Haridwar-Rishikesh ,Mathura-Vrindavan, Puri, VaishnoDevi, Shirdi, Sabrimala, Trirupati …among others.

This week opens with the Top 4 bal bhakts of the series. The theme this week will have the every contestant to dedicate his/her song to their favorite holy place/pilgrim place... This week we see the top 4 Bal Bhakts of the series. Gopal Rai, the famous biraha singer, who is the guest this week, sings a bhajan on Lord Ram and a song devoted to Goddess Durga.

The performances begin with Pooja, who loves to visit Dargah of Khamman Baba, sang “O lal meri jat…”Pooja said: “Khamman Baba ki Dargah per ja ker mujhe bahut shanty milti hai”. Prateekha dedicates her song “mano to main ganga maa hoon…” to Maa Ganga. Prateeksha said:”We all are responsible for polluted Ganga, through my performance I want to convey a message--Make Ganga Clean.”Rajesh narrates some interesting facts on Ganga and also dedicates a few lines to Ganga.

This time the listeners’ request came from RJ Neetu from Indore, for Prajjwal. He dedicated his song “O Shankar mere kab honge darshan tere”, to his favorite Koteshwar temple of Gwalior. Judges Sajan Ji was very happy with his performance and exclaimed, “Iski kitni tareef karoon ab mera tareef ka pitara khatm ho gaya hai.” “Radha kaise na janle…” song by Kiran was dedicated to Lord Krishna temple of Dhanbad.

It’s time for high drama and emotions. Who will be among the Top 3? Who will be in the Tapasya Chakra this week? The children are tensed and are anxious about their next move. Prateeksha said that, “for the first time she is scared, she wants to go in TOP THREE”. But her team mate Kiran said she is scared: “maine jaisi tayyari kit hi, performance waisi nahin hui hai”.

Those who enter Tapasya Chakra this week are Pooja from Jai Brahma team and Prajjwal from Jai Vishnu, followed by Kiran of Jai Mahesh team who is sent by Sajan Ji .Thus Prateeksha enters in Top 3 of BIG Bal Kalakaar.

The episode also has the Tapsya Chakra where Prajwal, Kiran & Pooja give their best performances. Stay tuned to BIG Bal Kalakaar to find out the TOP 3 contestants of the devotional singing show BIG Bal Kalakaar on BIG MAGIC.