Writer-Poet DIBYENDU GHOSAL: Life and Works

Calcutta, May 21, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) The random  nature of Dibyendu Ghosal’s education have surfaced in his writing, leading to criticism of  his poems’ obscurities. And like the Victorian era British poets Robert Browning and Lord Byron . Writers are the most respected in the world . when an author is said to be obscure, it implies that readers have not been able to grasp  his  works. An intellectual person, poet Dibyendu have never held  his readers  in contempt or ignorance and there is not even  an iota of false sense of pride in his powers. .. His poems are not only for the elites , these are for the masses.

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He has followed in the footsteps of legendary  American Stage  actor and director Eugene O’Neil in having a sensitive soul towards those people whose lives and societies  have been destabilized by the civilized races ; the poem ‘THE Native Girl’ is oriented in that direction that it points (through a simple romanticism ) his sympathy towards those races of Red Indians and the Innuite tribes of the North America, the Incas of Peru , and the Negroid tribes of Africa who have been driven away by the white races many centuries ago.

It is not fame that made the poet choose obscurity. He has always looked forward to the readership. He is always humble. He believes that  ideas are not familiar to everyone.  A poet’s ideas are his own discoveries and a visionary poet searches for the future hint which he collects puts in his poems and the scientist uses those hints to analyse the present.

The global civilization in the making has arrived at a point  where it can take  a more humane and compassionate  view of  human conduct, it is largely  because of Art, more specifically Literature which is Art form that directly grapples with social and cultural issues. Art is morally superior to Religion --- a truth that is now widely accepted in the West.