Vidya Balan Item Girl Debuts with Her First Lavani Number Mala Jau De Song (Ferrari Ki Sawari)

Video - Vidya Balan Lavani Item Song Mala Jau De

Mumbai, May 17, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Lavani has become the flavor of the season with item girl Vidya Balan dancing to the tunes of the energizing ‘Mala Jau De’ from Ferrari Ki Sawaari.

The director of the film, Rajesh Mapuskar decided that an authentic Lavani number would add just the right amount of zing. Riding high on the success of Kahaani and The Dirty Picture, Vidya instantly agreed to perform her first Lavani. The song is colorful, refreshing, authentic and true to its origin. Vidya Balan is at her aesthetic best and the song is all set to charge up the charts.

The video has been released virally and is getting all the eyeballs. Watch the video right away and dance along!

Watch the hot item song.