First Look: Soham in action role opposite Koyel in JAANEMAN (2012) Bangla Movie Release

Soham and Koel Mullick in Janeman (Jaaneman) Kolkata Bangla Movie
Soham & Koel Mullick in Janeman

Soham Koel JANEMAN 2012 Bangla Movie Poster

Kolkata, May 17, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Bengali actress Koel Mullick and Tollywood hero Soham appear in JANEMAN (2012) Bengali film directed by Raja Chanda [interview].

Soham plays Debasish in the film, with Koel playing Ria. Saswati Guha Thakurta plays Ria's grandma.

Janeman also sees the debut of Bollywood singer Shilpa Rao (watch the video song below) in Bengali film. Zubin Garg also performs a Bengali film song, as does Jeet Ganguly himself.

Raja Sen has been quoted by Shree Venkatesh Films: "The film shows a journey of the couple through various dramatic situations. Though it is a romantic film but action plays a pivotal role in it. Soham will be seen in a complete new avtar and Koel in a different look altogether. Soham falls in love with Koel as soon as he sees her, but how and whether at all he gets to win her heart is 'Jaaneman' all about".

This is likely Raja Chanda's third feature film after Target and Le Halua Le.

Janeman is produced under the banners of by Shree Venkatesh Films and Surinder Films.

The music director is Jeet Ganguly, and lyrics are by Priyo Chatterjee and Raja Chanda.

Watch the title song music video from Jaaneman.

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