New York based Indian-American actress Dipti Mehta wins 'Best Actress in the leading role' award

Dipti MehtaNew York, NY, May 13, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Sunset International Film Festival (SIFF) 2012, Los Angeles, awarded Dipti Mehta, the 'Best Actress in the leading role' for her uncanny portrayal of a young girl in pursuit of her dreams against all odds in the highly praised internationally acclaimed drama-feature film, LIFE! CAMERA ACTION... This is her 2nd international award in a row. She won her first Best Actress award at the 28th Goldie Film Awards 2012, where Life! Camera Action...was awarded with top 9 most popular and special board of directors award from among hundreds of entries received from 42 countries, held recently in Florida.

Mehta is on cloud nine, " I am really excited about the award. It is my first feature film as a lead. The award is an acknowledgement to my true self-expression. Thanks to Rohit that I am reaching these heights that most actors dream of. He gave me the freedom to work on the character as I saw fit and always worked in partnership with me. He really listened to my suggestions and tried new things. Life! Camera Action was such a wonderful learning experience. Rohit showed to the world that if you believe in yourself and the project, money does not matter. I am eternally thankful to the entire team of Life! Camera Action and all my fellow actors. I am really happy that the audience and the critiques have liked the film. I also want to thank Mark Kos and SIFF 2012 for the award." said an ecstatic Mumbai born; New York based Actress Mehta over a telephonic interview.

The SIFF 2012 awarding ceremony was held on Saturday, May 12th at the East Harvard Street in Los Angeles and is founded by Mark Mos, Kodak Entertainment Imaging Awarded filmmaker and Film Premieres organizer. Mark has organized pre-premiere film presentations such as: "Gladiator" (Russell Crowe), "Mission Impossible 2" (Tom Cruise), "Gone in 60 seconds" (Nicholas Cage, Angelina Jolie), "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" (Jim Carrey), and much more.

Mehta has earned 4 nominations and 2 'Best Actress in the leading role' awards for her performance in LIFE! CAMERA ACTION...; Mehta's winning performance helped make "LIFE! CAMERA ACTION..." the first film, set in New York with a sole South Asian female lead ever to surpass over 70 international accolades and awards around the world. Her role in the "edge-of your-seat drama" (Bollywood Trade) is close to many real situations. Directed by Rohit Gupta, it is the first essentially feature film in Hindi, English, Punjabi, with an ensemble cast, shot with a 2-member crew, on a shoe string budget, to be the most awarded and best reviewed films of the year. Mehta has altogether acted in 19 films to-date (11 features including LIFE! CAMERA ACTION... as her first lead, and 8 short films). She will be next seen in the leading role of her next upcoming short film 'Yatra' that is also produced by her.

Watch Dipti Mehta at the Premiere of Life! Camera Action...