DEENGA - The Kolkata Bangla Folk Fusion Band Sets Sail on the Ocean of Music (WBRi Exclusive Feature)

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Kolkata Bangla Band Deenga (Bengali Folk-Rock Fusion)
Deenga performing live on stage

Kolkata Bangla Band Deenga Official LogoWashington DC, May 10, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Thir name, "Deenga", literally means a small boat in Bangla language. They are six guys sailing on an ocean of music. Meet the promising young Bengali folk-rock fusion band from Kolkata.

Deenga’s members are influenced by different genres of music which is reflected in their compositions. Deenga is very much influenced by Bengal's folk and rural songs, and they rearrange those songs to create their signature sound.

Their philosophy is to do simple music and spread peace and harmony. Deenga’s first album published by Asha Audio in   2005 was titled "Bhese Pori" (let's sail).

Formed in 2003 when six like minded professional musicians thought of getting together and doing something on their own, Deenga are a pretty well known band in today's Kolkata music circuit, which they attribute to their belief and confidence on themselves and hard work, though they, of course, feel there is still a long way to go. Their music is sometimes about the present political scenario, love and emotions of human heart, and the society we live in. "Nothing is compared to hard work and dedication. Music flows from your heart so don’t be too technical…it is feel that gives rise to good music" summarize Deenga about the path to musical success.

Kolkata Bangla Band Deenga (Bengali Folk-Rock Fusion Songs)
The sailors of Deenga

They like to imagine themselves to be sailors on a Deenga. These sailors are:


Influenced and inspired into music early on by his mother, Saumik learned a lot from Kalpana Dey and by listening to Kabir Suman, Pratima Bandopadhya, Bob Dylan and David Gilmour. Kurt Cobain, Kabir Suman and Bob Dylan also influenced him into song-writing.


Rahul took jazz lessons from the legendary Carlton Kitto.


A combination of lunacy, adamancy, devotion, dedication, talent and blatancy is how you would define Indrajit. He might hit hard with the stick to create a sound but when he hits with his heart, it generates a painless note!


Nilanjan could not but help become a musician after being deeply influence by the late Mohiner Ghoraguli frontman Goutam Chattapadhyay. He trained with guitar wizard Amyt Dutta.


An avid jazz lover, Punyadip trained with Carlton Kitto, Amyt Dutta and Prakesh.


Indrajit's keyboard playing skills encompass both Eastern Classical music.

Deenga can be reached at deenga [at] rediffmail [dot] com

Kolkata Bangla Band Deenga (Bengali Folk-Rock Fusion Songs)