Tagore Music Group of Greater Washington DC and their latest production CHHOBI - A Musical

Tagore Music Group of Greater Washington DC Presents CHHOBI - A Musical

Washington, DC, May 6, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Informally put together in 2008 by like-minded folks in the Greater Washington Metro area, the Tagore Music Group of Greater Washington DC is a cultural organization which strives to promote the music, drama, writings and philosophy of Nobel-laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore.

It consists of approximately twenty families with Bharati Mitra as the team lead. Each year the group stages at least one drama, dance drama or musical making sure the presentation is “live”…reminiscent of Santiniketan.

The idea is usually conceptualized by Bharati Mitra, who also writes the script, does the casting and directing. Last year, to celebrate Tagore’s 150th birth anniversary, Tagore Music Group staged a dance-dramatized version of his famous poem “Shamannya Kshati”. In 2009 Tagore’s “Arupratan” was staged in opera format enhanced with dance and live songs and music.

In 2010 “Arupratan” was invited to be presented to the attendees of the North American Bengali Conference in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

This year the script was written on “Chhobi” a short story by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, adding a number of appropriate love songs by Rabindranath Tagore to enhance and dramatize the story even more.

This musical will be staged at the Black Rock Center for the Arts on Town Commons Road in Germantown, Maryland on June 24, Sunday starting at 4:30pm. Tickets are $50 & $10.

For further queries, please contact:  Bharati Mitra at 301-217-0417 or BMITR20878@gmail.com  or Kamal Ahmed Tushar at 703-407-2842 or kahmed573@gmail.com

CHHOBI - A Musical


Ba Thwinn & Ma Shwaye are in love. They grew up in the same village in Burma and their fathers were best of friends. Everyone knew they were to get married, eventually.

Ma Shwaye belongs to the royal family and upon her father’s untimely demise, inherits all her family’s wealth. Ba Thwinn too loses his father. Seeking employment, he realizes there’s only one thing he does really well, and that’s portrait painting.

As Ba Thwinn toils away painting day & night to make ends meet, Ma Shwaye meets a handsome young jockey and gets rather swept away by his charms. Ba Thwinn notices the change in Ma Shwaye, feels betrayed & pushes her away, only to realize later that his love for her is too powerful to escape from.

Ma Shwaye too misreads Ba Thwinn’s concern as jealously. Each believes the other is lost for good. Ba Thwinn decides to leave the village and comes to bid Ma Shwaye goodbye. That’s when he realizes that his Ma Shwaye is still his, has always been, and shall never belong to anyone else.



  • Ba Thwin: Kamal Ahmed Tushar
  • Ma Shwaye: Subarna Thakur
  • Po Thwin: Shantanu Bagchi
  • Than Lin: Probal Bandopadhyay
  • Ba Kow: Sunil Kundu
  • Gyi Lin: Aloke Roy
  • Old Man: Sarbajit Sinha
  • Ma Shwaye’s relatives and friends: Archana Bhattacharya, Shreeya Choudhury, Swati Choudhury, Soma Mukherjee, Sohini Sen Roy, Sahana Sen Roy, Shreya Naville.


  • Keys: Sudebi Roy
  • Percussion: Debapriya Nayak
  • Harmonium: Sumanta Mukherjee
  • Mandira: Bharati Mitra


  • Rana Sinha
  • Soma Mukherjee
  • Swati Choudhury


  • Nandita Bagchi
  • Shantanu Bagchi
  • Sikha Bhar
  • Chaitali Bhattacharya
  • Sunil Kundu
  • Bharati Mitra
  • Soma Mukherjee,
  • Sumanta Mukherjee: Ba Thwin’s songs
  • Kamalakshi Pal
  • Sahana Sen Roy: Ma Shwaye’s songs
  • Sohini Sen Roy
  • Rana Sinha

Dancers (from Natyabhumi School of Dance, Teacher/Proprietor : Deepti Naville):

  • Nirupa Balendran
  • Mythily Gunarathnam
  • Thulasi Gunarathnam
  • Shreya Naville
  • Ruchi Mathur
  • Thaara Shankar
  • Pritha Thiruvallur

Dancer Director

Shruthi Mukund

Lighting,stage, set design & management

Biswajit Sen

Sound Director

Aloke Roy

Drama Director

Bharati Mitra

Master of Ceremonies

Nandita Dasgupta