Little Fish Make Large Differences

The One Rupee Film ProjectKolkata, May 5, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) ‘Little drops of water maketh a mighty ocean.’ It may not be a mighty ocean, but it’s a sizeable lagoon indeed. What was launched as a One-Rupee-each campaign around two months ago have raised a well over 25 grand by now, thanks to those who blessed the director duo with much more than a single rupee. Anamitra Roy and Sriparna Dey, co-founders of the filmmakers' forum from West Bengal named Little Fish Eat Big Fish, had started the One Rupee Film Campaign at Puri, Odisha at the end of February 2012. They have been making no-budget films for three years, and selling a DVD compilation of the same for three years too, with sales increasing every consecutive year. This year, they resolved to make a ninety minute feature with as much funds as available. There was more to it. They had already developed a self-sustaining model of production-distribution that neither needed nor involved the traditional system of selling rights to the corporate masters for next to nothing.

The One Rupee Film Project was born of such success and acclaim and ambition that have driven these young people to make films on their own, in the true spirit of independence amidst the struggle for resource that few fail to fight for as long as they have been. Armed with supporting friends who are as worse-off as them, but love cinema as much as them, Anamitra and Sriparna have started building a database of contributors who will be sent digital copies and/or DVDs of the completed film next year. They have started building a production team of amateur filmmakers who will help them with the various aspects of making a feature length film. Pre-production is proceeding at a fast speed, they say. The storyline of the docu-fiction project they have been campaigning for has been completely developed and the teaser will be uploaded on Youtube by next month.

The film is in part about the campaign too, as it is essentially the story of an independent filmmaker in India in the twenty-first century where fact and fiction merge dangerously. The whole process of crowd-funding has been designed accordingly keeping the niche audience in mind who would be interested to witness the truth behind the façade of underground cinema as we know it. The concept gets more unique as the story unfolds in novellas. For more details, log on to: and

The instructions for contribution and the benefits of each amount range is given therein.