CHARBAK DIPTA - The Young Singer from Kolkata Experimenting with Rabindrasangeet, Nazrulgeeti and Electronica

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Charbak DiptaCharbak Dipta grew up in Bongaon in West Bengal, India. His dad, Diptarup Das, is an amateur film-maker and ardent music lover while his mother Sanchita Das is herself a singer. Being the only son, Charbak grew up in the musical environment and started taking music lessons from his mother from the age of two and half.

Influenced by various Ustads and Pandits of Indian classical music ranging from Ustad Abdul Karim Khan to Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, from Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan to Vidushi Girija Devi, Charbak's idols are Pandit Ajoy Chakraborty who later became his Guru, and Satyajit Ray. He initially took lessons in Tabla and then started to learn Hindusthani classical vocal. His mother was his first guru, and later he became a disciple of Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan and Ustad Mubarak Ali Khan. Whatever little knowledge of music he has now is because of these brothers. They trust him as a student and have complete faith on his musical ability.

Charbak also took lessons in light music from Indrani Sen and Rabindrasangeet form Shrabani Sen. He has blessings from Sumitra Sen, the Rabindrasangeet veteran who loves his music. In addition, he has learnt to play the guitar and classical piano from Dolna Day School and the prestigious Calcutta School of Music.

Charbak has now evolved into professional singing, and appears on TV channels like Tara Musik, TV Southasia and more, as well as various community and commercial radio stations like Friend's FM in Calcutta. He is a semifinalist in the Television reality talent hunt competition show "KHOJ 2 - The Search" and a City Winner of Maruti Suzuki Colors of Youth show.

In spite of his remarkable achievements, Charbak is still very young and single. He specialised in genres like classical, rock, folk and fusion and loves to sing Urdu folk and sufi songs the most.

Sometimes he writes songs that reflect his moods - he wants to convey nothing but the simple message of peace and love throughout the world. "Shamefully there is so much corruption and oiling has emerged in world of music. I want to protest against it through my music." says he.

Charbak mostly enjoys experimenting with music which has no end. His album KON GAGANER TARA is just a salute to the universal composer Tagore before the begining of the journey. Now he is working on a project called NAZRUL ELECTRONICA FUSION that will display the real Charbak in the context of music. The project should be in the market in the end of this year and it is anticipated to be a path-breaking album and much-much bigger and better than his first.