Teen Yaari Katha (2012) – Long-Awaited Urban Bengali Flick Premieres At Priya Cinema

Teen Yaari Katha Bengali Film Premiere

Kolkata May 5, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / Penning Creations) The evening of Friday, the 4th of May, witnessed a large, starry gathering of many Tollywood celebrities and other noted personalities from the Bengali film fraternity at Priya Cinema (Rashbehari Avenue, Kolkata).

Video: Premiere of TEEN YAARI KATHA (2006) in Kolkata on May 4, 2012

The reason, you ask? The premiere function and screening of ‘Teen Yaari Kotha’, the much-anticipated Bengali film that revolves round the tale of three friends, was scheduled to start from 7:00 pm at the theatre.

Gargee Roychowdhury
Gargee Roychowdhury

The movie, which is directed by Sudeshna Roy and Abhijit Guha, had been stuck with the censors for over seven years (it had been made way back in 2006!). While ‘Teen Yaari Kotha’ was finally getting a theatrical release on this day, it had already been screened at several international film festivals (including the Kolkata Film Festival), with considerable success too. All the major stars of the movie have also, in the interim, gained further glory and recognition in the Tollywood industry. Indeed, the delay in the film’s release seemed to have further fuelled the excitement of the viewers regarding the film (such was the buzz and palpable anticipation amongst those present at Priya on the evening!). The occasion turned out to be a truly savory one as well!

It is the duty of filmmakers to ensure that everything remains in order on their movie’s premiere night. The director duo of ‘Teen Yaari Kotha’, Sudeshna Roy and Abhijit Guha, seemed fully aware of their responsibilities on the occasion. In particular, it was a really refreshing sight to see Sudeshna Roy flitting through every section of the theatre to ensure that everything lied in readiness for the arrival of the celebrity guests (and the audience, of course!). Two pretty ladies also stood at the entrance of Priya Cinema, offering roses to each and every person arriving at the theatre. Now, that’s what we call a really charming start to the evening!

The ‘Teen Yaari Katha’-team had a nice little surprise next in store for all the eager journalists and media representatives, who had thronged to Priya Cinema well in advance of the time when the movie screening was supposed to start. Unlike most other premiere nights (when the actors arrive on their own at the theatre complex, briefly interact with the press and go straight up to the actual movie hall!), the stars of ‘Teen Yaari Katha’ were supposed to arrive in...hold your breath...a beautifully-decorated autorickshaw! Photographers literally ran to the place where the auto was standing ready (along with a proper band-party!). With Rudraneel Ghosh’s character in ‘Teen Yaari Katha’ being an auto-driver, it actually made a lot of sense to publicize the opening stages of the premiere function in this manner. Kudos to the makers for this lovely bit of imaginativeness!

The actors soon started to make their arrival too (not at the theatre, but in the auto, in which they would be taken to Priya Cinema!). Cameramen almost fell over one another (such indeed was the volume of the waiting crowd!) to get a good snap of actors Parambrata Chatterjee, June Maliah, Rudraneel Ghosh and the others who were in the auto. Once the procession had reached the entrance of the theatre, the stars were whisked away to the first floor (where the movie would actually be screened). Meanwhile, the eager media personnel got a chance to catch up with Anindya Bose, the scriptwriter of ‘Teen Yaari Katha’.

Bhuter Bhabishyat (2012) director Aneek Dutta
Bhuter Bhabishyat (2012) director Anik Dutta

The lead actors might have gone straight upstairs, depriving the journalists of the chance of having informal chitchats with them. That, however, did not dampen the enthusiasm of the reporters at all though, as they rushed to the first floor too, hoping to get some good photos (and quick bytes!) from the stars of ‘Teen Yaari Katha’. All the actors were gracious enough to interact at length with the media, with June, Parambrata, Gargee Roychowdhury and Rudraneel Ghosh being some of the biggest attractions on the night. The four of them also obliged the shutter-happy cameramen, by posing for the camera (with bright smiles on their faces!). Sujan ‘Neel’ Mukherjee and Rimjhim Mitra, who also play pivotal roles in ‘Teen Yaari Katha’, also drew considerable attention from the press journalists. Rimjhim and Sujan were patience personified too, replying to all the questions that the photographers had to ask. All of them might be big stars in the world of movies, but they have certainly retained a beautiful, humble streak in their nature. Admirable personalities, truly!

Parambrata Chatterji
Parambrata Chatterji

Other renowned guests from the Bengali film industry were also present in large numbers at the premiere of ‘Teen Yaari Katha’. Director Anik Dutta (whose debut flick, ‘Bhuter Bhabishyat’, is still running to packed houses all over!) made an early appearance at Priya Cinema. Abir ‘Byomkesh’ Chatterjee, looking as cool as ever in casuals, arrived soon enough too, sending the cameramen into a fresh frenzy. Abir also agreed for a small interview session, during which different types of queries (including which team the actor would be supporting during the Kolkata versus Pune IPL match!) were put forward by the journalists. Abir Chatterjee politely answered all questions, before heading towards the movie hall. Yet another Tollywood beauty, Rachana Bannerjee, was also present on the occasion.

June Maliah
June Maliah

The loudest cheers of the evening were, however, reserved for the arrival of Prasenjit Chatterjee, the numero uno star of Tollywood. Sporting his ‘Bikram Singha’ moustache (and looking extremely smart with it, one must say!), Prasenjit joined the other stars of ‘Teen Yaari Katha’ directly inside the cinema hall. The sheer star power of the actor was once again proved by the tumultuous excitement and hysteria that his mere appearance generated among all the viewers present there.

With all the guests having arrived at the theatre, it was time for the brief press meet (that preceded the screening of the movie) to commence. Arijit Dutta, the head of Priya Cinemas, started off with a brief introductory speech, during which he said ‘Teen Yaari Katha’ was indeed a film that perfectly fitted with the type of progressive, enjoyable flicks that are being currently made by the contemporary filmmakers. He also categorically stated that, while many might already have seen the movie on the net (by downloading through certain unauthorized sites), the online version certainly did not have the full version of the film. In fact, the audience would get to see the complete version of ‘Teen Yaari Katha’ for the first time on the silver screen that evening, he added.

After the introduction, directors Sudeshna Roy and Abhijit Guha were invited onstage by Arijit Dutta. Taking over the mike, Roy said that she would not be taking up much time, since ‘Teen Yaari Katha’ had already been delayed by seven years and one could not wait much longer for seeing it (true enough!). All the cast and crew members of ‘Teen Yaari Katha’ were also invited on the dais by the directors. While calling upon Prasenjit Chatterjee, Sudeshna Roy acknowledged that, if it had not been for his perseverance, the movie might not have managed to release even now.

The microphone was then handed over to Prasenjit himself (as Sudeshna Roy correctly pointed out, if the ever popular ‘Bumba-da’ was present on stage, he was the best person to wield the mike!). Prasenjit, on his part, talked about how ‘Teen Yaari Katha’ had taken over one and a half years to be cleared by the censors. The makers, however, had full faith in every scene in the movie and had not opted for chopping out sequences, in order to release the film at an earlier date. Prasenjit also had words of praise for the ‘teen nayok’ (three heroes) and the ‘teen nayika’ (three heroines) of ‘Teen Yaari Katha’. Each of them had become established stars in his/her own right, but, as Prasenjit astutely remarked, they would still seek the blessings of the general audience.

With the hands of the clock moving towards 7:30 pm, the press meet now drew to a close and the screening of ‘Teen Yaari Katha’ started immediately after. Special mention was also made of music maestro Anupam Roy, who had composed a promotional song (available on YouTube) for the movie. Bhoomi, the band which had taken up the mantle of music directors of ‘Teen Yaari Katha’, were, however, out of station on a show and could not attend the premiere of the movie.

As the first few minutes of ‘Teen Yaari Katha’ rolled by, murmurs of appreciation (and claps!) could be heard among the audience members. The hall was jam-packed and everyone seemed to be enjoying each moment of the movie. Sudeshna Roy and Abhijit Guha had surely delivered a winner!

Here’s wishing all the very best to everyone associated with ‘Teen Yaari Katha’. May the movie bring forth rich accolades from critics and moviegoers alike and have a sustained, successful run at the theatres!