The sensitive subject of “Aarakshan” was delicately handled

Mumbai, May 31, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / Kreation Guru)  The ace director and one of the pioneers of the alternate brand of filmmaking, Prakash Jha has been known for experimenting with serious and delicate issues geared to the socio-economic fabric of the Indian polity. Despite involving a glamorous star cast his is a genre distinctly apart from B town entertainers offering a standardized mix of spicy elements. His movies hinge upon burning social issues.

Ranging from “Daamul” down to” Mrityu Dand” ,” Gangajal” and” Raajneeti”, his films offer a kaleidoscopic view of the bitter realities and problems confronting the society. Be it displaying the pangs of bonded labour as in Daamul or a cultural fabric attuned to the heinous crime of kidnapping, or that of the violently ensnaring domain of politics as in Raajneeti; the film maker is marked by his firm footing in the stark reality.

Aarakshan to be released towards the middle of August fits into his next version of the reality fare. Hinging upon the delicately sensitive issue of cast stratification, the movie seems to be set for a bold statement .With its pivotal theme being the class ridden society and that of Jha’s signature portrayal of stark reality, he has already been forewarned by a section of people to bring down its intensity. A certain section of people might be apprehending an adverse repercussion and as such they might have advised him to be more soft and subtle about his sensitive portrayal.

As for now when the film is yet to be released the director has chosen not to react, rather stick to his aim of evolving a visual narrative in keeping with relevant things so that he can connect with a wide cross section of audience. He stands by his idea of relating the truth and according to him Aarakshan also revolves around one of the truthful aspects of our society. Prakash Jha rightly says that for his films he derives his inputs from the life around .Ours is a cast ridden society and thus it can always form the basis of a film. When one cannot stand up to the truth it implies an indirect acceptance of what is not the truth. After all, a film is bound to reflect the stigmas and maladies of the given social background. Just as there are unpleasantness, drama and conflict in life; films as a mirror of life cannot be expected as a sugarcoated pill.

Film making is one of the avenues of creative expression and as such it is unfair to meddle into its process. One can express ones opinion after seeing it, it is unfair to apprehend on the basis of preconceived notions. In the opinion of the director he will be available for comments, reviews and justifications after its official release. The film giving way to doubts and speculations even before it could make it to the box office revolves around a spectacular star cast including- Big B, Saif Ali Khan, Shabana Azmi, Deepika Padukone and the budding Prateik Babbar. The star studded film’s fallout on box office and that of society at large is eagerly awaited.