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Ashed in FlamesKolkata, May 30, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Ashes in Flames are a group of young and talented musicians from Calcutta, India consisting of talented individuals joining hands to make a different music together.

It was formed in the year 2009 as an alternative-rock English band, but they approach nearly all genres of music. They now have given a different sound to their music by merging traditional Indian classical bandishes in different Ragas in their soulful original compositions creating a well crafted vocal fusion in their songs. They have released this genre and are still working on this sound.

The band consists of young talented musicians. The vocalist/songwriter/composer and rhythm guitarist Adipta Mitra is phenomenally talented as his unique voice merges with his songs beautifully, surprising the listener completely. The bassist Sayak Guha has a style of bass playing that ranges across almost all genres of music and at the age of only 17 he merges well not only in western music but also in the Indian classical form of music too. The lead guitarist Gaurav Lahiri stands out for his soulful solos and is admired in the band which mainly follows the concept of vocal fusion, and being the most experienced member of the band he is one of the finest guitar players in town. The drummer and backing vocalist Ameen Khan also plays a vital role in the band - he not only plays drums but is also a trained classical vocalist and the classical pieces in their songs are contributed by him which gives a different sound  to the band altogether.

Due to their new approach to music they have gained a little recognition in town. The vocalist Adipta Mitra has been awarded as the best vocalist award in Vodafone Rockstars competition in 2009. They have also performed in 107.8Power F.M and in T.V South Asia and have also gained recognition in the “Mecca” of music - Someplace Else. Their music is fresh and different.

In addition to listening to a few of their songs, also check out some of their live music videos on you tube:

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