Shah Rukh takes care to ensure no sleaze in his home production

Mumbai, May 31, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / Kreation Guru) The etymology of a word had the proverbial Bollywood Badshah in quite a bit of bother. Centering on a song of his forthcoming flick- ‘Always Kabhi Kabhi’- a part of his home banner; a word sounding as “undie” took the dashingly cool superstar by a great deal of unpleasantness. So much so that Abbas- the man in charge of direction had to pin point to the bothered producer through a whole lot of research papers how the word used in a phrase “undie the condie” is neither sleazy nor abusing.

Disgruntled S.R.K obviously wanted to have an easy way out with the Censor Board, because in the present scenario a number of songs and words used in the scripts are incurring the displeasure of the statutory body. So the calculative superstar wanted to have a thorough review of the concerned phrase so as not to be at the receiving end of this legal body.

The B town Badshah was then thoroughly explained the word’s etymological nuances and how it formed a part of the modern generations’ S.M.S vocabulary. Shah Rukh was of the opinion that the sleazy sounding “undie” sounded similar to “kundie” which meant’ bum’ in the Southern dialect. Clarifying the point Roshan Abbas gave him a reassuring explanation as to the use of the concerned phrase. According to the latter, a thorough research reveals how the catchy phrase rampant in Northern India implies something as simple as – [understanding the condition of the given situation.]  Abbas also pointed out how the said phrase was popular amongst the youngsters and the school crowd of North India. The popularity of the phrase (undie the condie ) has picked up over the recent years.

In keeping with the thematic content of the film which is supposed to appeal to the younger lot many such phrases gearing to S.M.S language has been used. Apart from the fear provoking “undie the condie”, the other one is JFI which connotes as –“just forget it”.  The striking array of short forms and abbreviations had the producer Shah Rukh stunningly amazed. Obviously there has been sweeping technological and economic changes touching various aspects of social fabric since the time S.R.K made it to the film industry. Film being the social mirror is bound to reflect the norms, idiosyncrasies and dialectal uses of its time.

The film which has been produced by Shah Rukh Khan’s home banner-‘Red Chilles Entertainment’ is slated for release on the 17th of June. The flick geared to youthful entertainment includes Zoa Morani, Ali Fazal, Satyajeet Dubey and Giselle Monteiro other than Shah Rukh himself in its star cast.S.R.K is slated to act out in a cameo sequence.     It remains to be seen if ‘Always Kabhie Kabhi’ which happens to be Roshan Abbas’s first directorial venture has enough flair to deliver the needed punch at the box office. With a series of youthful entertainers making it to the box office, it will be interesting to watch if the novelty in phrasing makes it stand out from the rest.