Amitabh lends his voice for a Bbudah song

Mumbai, May 29, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / Kreation Guru)  The acting maestro with phenomenal depth of delineation is also known for his profundity of baritone. Having lent his voice to quite a few playback numbers including-“Main yahan tu wahaan”; “Rang barse” and “Kehata hain babool”; the iconic superstar will be heard lending the depth of his masculine voice for the title number of a forthcoming flick-‘Bbudah hoga tera baap’.

The film being jointly produced by Viacom18 and Big B’s home banner- AB Corporation has a star studded cast including Raveena Tandon, Sonu Sood, Sonal Chauhan and one of leading star attractions of yesteryears- the legendary Hema Malini. The film being written and directed by Jagannath Puri has its music director in the immensely talented duo of Vishal and Sekhar.

With the duo’s penchant for innovation, the promising pair has come up with the uniquely novel idea of composing the title track on lines of ‘A Capellah’ style. Finding its origin in Europe during the golden years of Renaissance, the said style was initially used in church centric religious songs. Etymologically meaning as a way or ‘manner’ of the church, it gears to solo or chorus singing without the involvement of any form of instrumental sound device. With its sole stress on vocal orientation Big B was called upon to make use of his famous baritone to give aural effect to each and every aspect of the said track. According to the music directors, Mr. Bachchan admirably made up for the absence of instrumental back up. Merely centering on vocal presentation, Big B lent his gifted voice to recreate the given track making up for the absence of at least twelve instruments. Every instrumental effect ranging from drum to chorus was recreated by his mastery over vocal presentation.

According to Sekhar, despite his initial reluctance, the legendary performer accepted the challenge thrown to venture into ‘A Capella’ style of singing. In course of sharing his unique interaction across a networking site, Amitabh literally begged forgiveness of the so called traditionalists for possible lapses and ignorance of the genre’s subtle nuances. In spite, of the novelty in composition on lines of a religious style, the superstar apprehended that things might go outrageously wrong as far as the singing part is concerned. Despite foreseeing a disastrously farcical culmination, the veteran humorously hoped at being forgiven by purists who advocate strict adherence to classical norms.

The film to be released on the 1st of July will be worth watching for. Apart from its content and screen play, Amitabh’s vocal presentation revolving around ‘A Capella’ style will definitely hold out interesting prospects for both music lovers and average cine goers. It will be interesting to find out if Big B’s apprehensive forecast fearing a probable fiasco will really turn out to be thus. Other than the public reaction and its possible impact on box office, the reviews of music analysts and connoisseurs will also be eagerly awaited.

His sheer acceptance to recreate an unknown style of music is indeed laudable, proving him true to his mettle.