Madhuri is the eternal glittering star of Bollywood

Mumbai, May 27, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / Kreation Guru) The glittering cine star and a revered matinee idol with an astounding blend of creativity and startling femininity will continue to sparkle on the horizon of Bollywood. In course of her colorful career spanning over a year and two decades, she smiled, scintillated and danced her way to the audience.

The gifted danseuse with the formalized training of ‘kathak’ had little desire to make a niche in stardom. With her passion for Microbiology, she was all set to be a microbiologist. But destiny had a different plan set out for the pretty enchantress from Mumbai. As one of the finds of B town’s top notch director Subhash Ghai, Madhuri was introduced in the film ‘Abodh’- the flick of the famous ‘Rajashri’ banner was directed by Hiren Nag.

Having made her debut way back in 1984, she was set to dominate the filmdom through the entire phases of eighties and nineties.  Scintillating screen presence, smile worth a million and above all her profoundly deep acting acumen saw the glamorous actress reach the pinnacle of glory and stardom. Ranging from roles depicting childish simplicity down to those centering on feminine courage and will power, hers is a complete saga of overall excellence where each and every shade of passion and emotion was expressed.

In her journey up the ladders of showbiz, one of Bollywood’s phenomenally successful directors- Subhash Ghai had an important role to play. Having featured in Ghai’s ‘Ram Lakhan’, her spate of successful flicks directed by him include-‘Khalnayak’ and ‘Aaja Nachle’. The stylish item sequence “Ek do teen” from the film ‘Tezzaab’ was given a poignantly whooping dimension by the dancing beauty. Similar can be said about the famous “Dhak…dhak” number which had the fans mesmerized.

In spite of being a part of sensually passionate delineations and role playing; the dancing diva has always been conscious of self respect and poise; without being on the lookout for cheap publicity gimmicks. The the renowned painter M.F. Hussain has been known for his phenomenal admiration for Madhuri; the epitome of grandeur and charming beauty. The painter looking up to the dancing diva as his muse, also made a film ‘Gaja Gamini’ in the latter’s honor. Another flick by the name ‘Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahati Hoon’ was produced by Ram Gopal Verma to pay a glowing tribute to her acting prowess.

Before settling down to matrimony and motherhood some of her hits included ‘Pukar’,’Hum aapke hai kaun’ and ‘Dil to pagal hai’. Marriage in 1999 and subsequent motherhood did not make the talented actress sideline her career; with her commendable capability of striking a balance between both. In 2002 she featured in the renowned soul stirrer- ‘Devdas’.  Having been married in Denver and following a brief hiatus caused by child births, she made a comeback with her entire family to see through the shooting of ‘Aaja Nachle’.

Having given a different dimension to dancing, Madhuri’s recent stint in India saw her judge a dance centric reality show displayed on televisions. With a wide array of accolades and recognitions to boot, the highly esteemed “Padmashri” bestowed on the star performer comes obviously as an icing on the cake. Even the film fraternity was quick to honor the dancing damsel’s phenomenal contribution for a span of twenty five years.