Interview: Actress Muskaan Arora - Saakshi on "Mata Chowki" TV Show on Sahara One

Mata Ki Chowki

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Mumbai, May 25, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Muskaan Arora popularly known as Saakshi of Sahara One's Mata Chowki talks about her journey in the industry.

Being tagged as one with divine powers is an amazing feeling and you need to be really lucky to be tagged as one. Muskaan Arora is one among the lucky to play such a divine role on television. She created a spiritual magic through her long running show, Mata Ki Chowki on Sahara One.

In a candid interview, she speaks her heart out.

Tell us about your story of getting into acting?

I was not at all interested in acting as I wanted to do Law. I was in Delhi when my granny asked me to give this audition. Though I told her I was not at all interested in it, she told me that I should give it a shot. Then when my friend asked me to accompany her for the auditions, I just went along with her. But accidentally those people ended liking me instead of my friend and told me to audition and hence I gave the audition and I got selected. After that I came to Mumbai and did ads and stuffs and that's how I finally got into acting.

Did your family consent easily when you said you want to be an actor?

My parents knew that I'll become a dancer or something on those lines, because since I was a kid I used to stand in front of the TV and dance and act. But when they came to know that I really was going to become an actress, they were surprised, but they never stopped me and let me do what I wanted to do.

Is this your first show?

No, I have done 35 commercial ads and show Thodi Khuski Thode Ghum. After that I did DON and did some episodic for the show Hello Dolly, and now I am doing Mata Ki Chowki on Sahara One.

Are you seeing someone? Describe your dream man?

I am totally single and very much wanting to mingle. My dream man is definitely not going to be an actor and I wish he is a Businessman or a Politican. He needs to be very understanding and calm and nice, because I m a little hyper. And he has to be very friendly, so that I can talk to him about anything and everything.

Tell us something about your nature?

I am very friendly and I love talking because of which I gel really well with others, but I hate people who backbite and dominate others. I love dressing up in a very classy way simultaneously I am a very simple girl.

At which point of your life have you struggled the most?

I had to struggle when I shifted to Mumbai, not because of work, but becauseof the city and the problems related to it. The traffic, the people and all, it was a little tough to adjust in the beginning, but later on I adjusted to it.

What are your interests other than acting?

I love driving, swimming, dancing, painting, reading books and a big time song buff. I need music all the time.

Favorite holiday destination

I am a big time travel freak. I love Hong Kong and Dubai and Delhi a lot. I really want to visit Singapore as I have heard a lot about it.

Can you cook? Your favorite dish?

Yes I am a very good cook, I can cook most of the things, but I can't prepare really yummy food as compared to my mother. I love Pasta and Butter Chicken, I can't live without these two dishes.

Do you believe in astrology and numerology?

No I am not a follower of it, nor do I believe in it. Not that it is fake or something, nor am I against people who believe in it. It's just that I like to stay away from such things because they unnecessarily create opinions in your mind, so I keep myself away from it.

Any idols you have?

My granny is the biggest idol to me. She is the best lady on planet earth for me as she has supported me always in my life, and is my best friend also.

Introvert or Extrovert?

I am a total extrovert. I can't live without talking and I like people with whom I can interact about things. I love to be happy in life always.

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