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StanfordBongs is a cultural interest group of Stanford University students representing the culture of Bengal and the Bangali diaspora. They are a community of Stanford students, post-docs, staff and faculty drawn together by their love and pride of all things Bengali from the banks of River Ganges to the banks of River Padma. They serve as a Bengali social network and cultural tether for new and existing students and others at Stanford by organizing cultural and social events celebrating Bengal and the Bangali way of life.

WBRi thanks StandordBongs for sharing their production with our audience.

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SYNOPSIS is a futuristic science fiction narrative that delves into the glorious future of a technologically superior Bengal. The story is set against the backdrop of a Bengali wedding at an age when marriages are made by DNA sequence alignments, when robots have replaced most human services and when cloned food products are commonplace. Yet, amidst all these changes, there is a bedrock of constancy in the Bangaliyana and Bengali way of life that pervades the future as well. The marriage ceremony is disrupted by an unexpected turn of events that soon reveal why this future world is in jeopardy of being shattered.

Cast & Crew

Production - Stanfordbongs
Story – Adrish Sen
Cast – Gourab Mukherjee, Sukanya Chakrabarti, Joy Roy, Prajna Banerjee, Adrish Sen & Nandini Sen
Dialogues – Adrish, Gourab, Joy, Nandini
Playback – Sukanya, Joy
Acknowledgements – Prabir Roy Chowdhury, Poulomi Ghosh, Mahul Chakraborty