Kabir Khan’s next film to feature Salman Khan as RAW agent

Mumbai, May 22, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / Kreation Guru) The proverbial bad boy of the B town filmdom is all set to delineate a real life like character in Kavir Khan’s forthcoming flick. Noted for his flamboyance delineation, Salman will be found breathing fire into the realistic portrayal of a spy. The upcoming flick will highlight the ‘infant terrible’ in the role of an underhand agent who is geared to secrecy in keeping with the requirement of his job.

Kabir Khan and the producer Aditya Chopra seemed to have approached the star with this uniquely different offer. The hero with his penchant for shaking a leg or two to the vibrant beats of an item statement, found the offer to his liking. Perhaps the difference in script and portrayal was appealing. According to a reliable source the star was fascinated by the encapsulated essence of the role to be played. It was hard for the star to understand how civilians did the needful job of being the state’s secret agents. The role with its subtle understatement will require the spontaneous star performer to be a part of the country’s espionage network.

As part of one of the leading intelligent agencies, Salman is all set to undergo a series of preparation. With subtlety being its requisite element, the hero with his passion for overstatement and flaunting will need to tone down his body language to live up to the reality because the concerned flick revolves around a covert spy. He needs to be a part of the crowd, to mix and mingle with it; as much secretive and invisible as possible; but at the same time when the need arises he has to deliver the required punch with the help of his physical and mental sharpness.

Understandably, the flick revolves around a challenging portrayal and it will necessitate intensity of expression and deftness of acting in order to live up to its set parameters.  “Dabaang” had Salman enact the role of a corrupt cop; but the said role was one of flamboyant loudness.”Wanted” and “Tees Mar Khan” were equally loud and boisterous. But for a change the upcoming film of Kabir Khan will see the boisterously playful Khan going for a role touched by realism.

It remains to be seen if the flamboyant superstar with his elements of spontaneity is able to deliver the needful. But it is high time when the star performer proves his versatility and maturity by delineating roles of life like dimension. The late nineties saw quite a few films where Salman played the role of a romantic lover boy to nicety. As far as action packed roles go there are few who could match up to the potential of his biceps. The similar is true about his contribution to the genres of musical extravaganza.

Kabir Khan’s flick which will be shot by the end of this year will definitely provide a unique platform to this emotionally volatile and child like star performer to prove his mettle as a renowned character artiste with all round efficiency.