Impressed Ghai ready to work again with Rituparno after ‘Noukadubi’

Kolkata, May 20, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / Kreation Guru) The eminent director Rituparno Ghosh has completed the project of making the movie, ‘Noukadubi’. Subhash Ghai was the producer of the film. Recently both the director and the producer were at the city for the music launch of the Bengali movie.

The music launch party was organized on a boat on river Ganga. This was perfectly in theme with the central theme of the movie ‘Noukadubi’ which revolves around the capsizing of a boat. The film is a tribute to the Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore on his 150th birthday. Subhash Ghai was impressed with the way Rituparno has crafted the narration of the story. It is magic on celluloid and the rich imagery in the movie is simply awesome as per Mr. Ghai. The producer stated his commitment to promote culturally enriched films and his willingness to work with Rituparno again to fulfill his endeavor.

Speaking to the reporters, producer Ghai even hinted at discussion with the director about the next project that is going to start sometime this year or maybe early next year. However, the producer didn’t reveal any more information regarding the project, terming it as too premature. Subhash Ghai also mentioned his interest in working with the talented directors of Bengal if approached with a good script. He would be more than happy to encourage the creative efforts. It is his ambition to take good Bengali films to the huge world audience.

The Bengali movie ‘Noukdubi’ and the Hindi version ‘Kashmakash’ are releasing on May 20th 2011, this Friday. The interest on the film is palpable. Rituparno clarified that the Hindi version of the movie is the child of Ghai and Ghai has mostly done all the reediting and supervision of the dubbing. Ghosh stressed his liking for the lyrics penned by Gulzar in the movie. Gulzar has painstakingly translated the songs of Rabindranath Tagore for the Hindi version of the film and he claims them to be his best job ever.

A reminiscent Rituparno Ghosh recalled his association with Subhash Ghai that dates back ten years in the past. They first came together during the shooting of ‘Raincoat’ and the association grew stronger with time. Ghai immediately offered to produce the film on Rabindranath’s short story as soon as he was aware that Rituparno is planning to adapt it for a screen representation.

Rituparno mentioned in jest that casting Raima in his movies has now become his habit and this time her sister is also in the movie. Raima Sen plays the role of Hemanalini and Riya Sen plays the role of Kamala in the movie. Jisshu Sengupta and Prosenjit Chatterjee play the male lead roles in the movie that tells the tale of cross wired lovers.

The hype around the movie has already reached the crescendo and we are sure that Rituparno will deliver a mesmerizing movie once again. This Friday will be eagerly awaited by all the Bengali movie buffs.