Interview: Tollywood Actress Nusrat Jahan Talks About Bengali Movie "Shatru" Co-Starring Jeet and her Background and Experience

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Germantown, MD, May 20, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) She is a quintessential Bengali girl, pursuing her Bacherlor's degree in Commerce. She likes to wear new dresses and walk the ramp and enjoys doing so. One day in 2010 she gathered her confidence and went out to the ramp with the primary goal of having a good time. She ended up winning the Fair One Miss Kolkata crown!

Meet the wonderful young lady Nusrat Jahan as Arijit Chakraborty chats with her on WBRi. Make no mistake - there is hard work, dedication and talent in the humble and polite girl that has carried her to the role of the heroine in her debut feature film - the Tollywood Bengali movie "Shatru". She can hardly believe she has actually completed a film directed by Raj Chakraborty opposite the popular hero Jeet !

Nusrat shares with us some great fun stories about her Raj-da and Jeet-da during the shooting. Also do not miss her account of what used to happen to her when she had to practice her dialog with Jeet or in front of Raj in the initial days.

Nusrat has all the qualities of becoming a great actress. Here is wishing her a fabulous debut film and spectacular success in her future projects from the WBRi team and on behalf of you, the listener of this interview.

Shatru is produced by Eskay movies and features music by Indradip Dasgupta. The release date of Shatru is May 27, 2011. Check out a poster and a teaser-trailer from Shatru >

Here are some new posters from Shotru from Eskay Movies.

Shotru (Bengali, 2011) Poster 1
Shotru (Bengali, 2011) Poster 1
Shotru (Bengali, 2011) Poster 3
Shotru (Bengali, 2011) Poster 3

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