"The only similarity is the innocence of the heart" - Aadesh Chaudhary as Digu (Interview)

Mumbai, May 19, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRlog) Aadesh Chaudhary who essays the role of Digamber, aka Digu in Playtime Creation’s  Laagi Tujhse Lagan thought the role was risky, but just took it up because he loved the character. He says, “To join a show midway and establish yourself is difficult. It could take the show on new heights or remain stagnant. Luckily the response that I have received is encouraging. The reason why I took up a character like Digu is that it has various layers to it. He is a gunda, and he does drink alcohol but for the people in his basti he is a hero. Digu’s character has also seen a transition emotions and behavior wise. Earlier he was someone who is rash and could get angry easily. But Nakusha has made Digu more emotional.” 

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The young actor feels that every character needs to be studied. And once he got the brief, he started working on the mannerisms and speech all by himself, trying to create a unique style rather than copying someone who had done something similar in the past. His experience in the month and half that he has been with the show looks great, he says, “The production house and the director have been very supportive of me. After they gave me the brief, they let me experiment with my character the way I felt was appropriate. Also the atmosphere on the set is so chilled out that the entire unit plays cricket in the evening!”

Aadesh’s scenes are majorly with Mahii Vij who plays Nakusha, the female lead in the show, he expresses, “Mahii is sweet. We do a lot of masti on the set. She also made me feel comfortable on the shoot in the initial phase, even though she has been with the show from the start. We rehearse all the scenes; she also gives me inputs which help us improvise.”

Finally we ask him if he has any similarities with Digu, Aadesh says, “The only similarity is the innocence of the heart. That is my personal touch to the character.” We can see this promising actor reach new heights in Laagi Tujhse Lagan on Colors at 8:30pm.

- PRlog