Mystic Bhakti of Bengal with Babukishan Das Baul

Mystic Bhakti of Bengal with Babukishan Das Baul (WBRi interview)
Workshop & Sunday Satsang, May 15
1:30 - 3:30pm Registration $25 - $35 sliding scale

Kirtan/Concert: 6:00pm $20 suggested donation

In the workshop Babu will discuss the Bauls of Bengal of West Bengal India. Babu will talk about his ancient oral living lineage. Talking about Baul and their experiences of nature and the ocean. The Bauls are also singers of devotional Indian music, kirtan, their songs are their sadhana, which are seed songs of higher Indian philosophies including Krishna, Kali, Yoga, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Shakti Sadhana, Tantra, Buddhism, and Sufi. This Workshop will include, a short history of the Bauls of Bengal. as well as practical Baul techniques, including Yogic Vayu Dharma (breath), Bija Mantra's or Maha Mantra's, Devotional singing, traditional Kirtan and how it is practiced in India. This is a unique opportunity to practice with a precious and unique tradition.

The Bauls are a tradition of religious minstrels in Bengal whose songs of joy, love, and longing for mystical union with the Divine evoke a profound spirituality. The Bauls took elements from devotional Hinduism, Tantric Buddhism, and Sufi Islam and integrated them into simple, natural, and direct approach to God that seeks to transcend established religious boundaries. The Bauls' ecstatic worship and unconventional modes of behavior, such as wearing both Hindu and Muslim garments at the same time, have earned them a reputation as nonconformists. The word baul is derived from batul, meaning "afflicted with the wind" or "mad." Thus branded "crazy for God," the Bauls go their own way, quarreling with none, wandering free as the wind. Their simple language, passionate rhythm and sensuous dance steps speak directly to one's heart.