Bengali Movie Review: Ek Paloke Ektu Dekha (2011) - Actress Kasturi Debuts in Tollywood with Angshuman

By Aditya Chakraborty

Kasturi -  Angshuman
Bengali actress Kasturi with Angshuman
Stills from "Ek Paloker Ektu Dekha"
The Hero & Heroine - Kasturi and Angshuman at the Premiere
The Hero & Heroine - Kasturi and Angshuman at the Premiere

Bengali Movie Poster: Ek Paloker Ektu Dekha
Movie Poster: Ek Paloker Ektu Dekha

Calcutta, May 15, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Ek Poloke Ektu Dekha is a new Tollywood film starring Angshuman and newcomer Kasturi which premiered recently in Kolkata. The movie tells a somewhat conventional tale about a guy Nayan who works in a shopping mall and is a big flirt.

One day a girl comes to the mall who is just like the girl who had appeared in his dreams. He shows her some dresses, but she refuses to buy them and says she will return if there is something new. The girl, named Moni,  returns one day and they become friends.

Moni invites Nayan on her birthday and says that she would introduce her father to him. Her father turns out to be his boss.

At the party, Moni’s engagement is announced with another guy and Nayan is warned by Moni’s father to not meet her any more. Nayan and Moni elope with the help of Nayan’s father. Dibakar sends some goons after them.

Subsequently, Nayan's father and Moni's father turn out to be friends and Moni's father comes to know a startling truth. He tries to stop Bhai. Eventually he is able to do so just when he is about to shoot Nayan.

A curious twist at the somewhat melodramatic end of the film, having to do with baby swapping, is of some interest. You can perhaps guess what happened with baby Nayan and baby Moni soon after they were born.

A trivia about Ek Paloke Ektu Dekha: The lead actress is in real life the wife of the producer of the film.