Shridhar University Pilani Rajasthan Remembers Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore

Pilani, India, May 12, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) The country "where the mind is without fear" is the only country in which true scholarship can engage with the great issues of society. The Germany born scientist Albert Einstein and Rabindranath Tagore, both shared the conviction about univer­sality of knowledge and its infinite existence. Their undiminished faith in man and ever striving effort to gain knowledge is the legacy they have left for the future gene­ration.

It is indeed unfortunate that the youth in India today know more about English Poet – Playwright William Shakespeare than all in one Poet, Novelist, Musician, Painter and Playwright Nobel Laureate Tagore.

Presently 350 million Indians in the age group 10 to 24 constituting roughly 30 percent of the population are seen not only as a great hope but blessings for the global future.  If India gets it right by empowering the youth with the right education, it will benefit from its demographic dividend with a young, productive workforce that will propel economic growth for decades. No one has doubt that Transformation of the individual by education is precursor to social and economic transformation of society at large.

Year 2011 happens to be the 150th Birth Anniversary celebrations of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. Even though much of the writings of Tagore (07 May 1861 – 07 August 1941) was in Bengali, no one has doubt that all his works have universal appeal. Tagore has the distinction having penned the National Anthem of India "Jana Gana Mana" as well as that of Bangladesh "Amar Sonar Bangla".

Several celebrations at Shridhar University have invariably revolved around some quote or other by Tagore. For Youth Day, it was "If you want to know India, study Vivekananda" while for Science Day it was "In Science, we go through the discipline of eliminating the personal limitations of our minds and thus reach the comprehension of truth which is in the minds of the universal man".

On the occasion of Rabindranath Jayanti, Prof BR Natarajan Pro Vice Chancellor urged the students of Shridhar University to take inspiration from the works of Tagore with special emphasis on "Where the Mind is without Fear" from Gitanjali and the song “Ekla Chalo Re” to make the world at large a better place to live.

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