Interview: Director Agnishwar Mukherjee Talks About Bengali Short Film "A"

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[Agnishwar Mukherjee]"A" Bengali Short FilmWashington, DC, May 10, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Ananya Paul caught up with film-maker Agnishwar Mukherjee in Kolkata to record this audio interview. Agnishwar is making a short film titled "A".

An Out Of Box Entertainment presentation, "A" is in some ways an experimental film exploring human psychology and stars Malay Ghosh, Satpal, Neha Gupta & Sanjoy Saha.

Born in the city of Muscat in the Arabian country of Oman where he also grew up, Agnishwar now lives in Kolkata for over eight years (after living in Delhi for around three years). He has always been a film enthusiast and had wanted to make films. You will hear Agnishwar tell us his interesting story of becoming a film-maker, of which the far greater opportunities in Kolkata played a significant role. He chanced upon a newspaper ad of a course in film-making which he immediately signed up for and after completing, he started making his film "A". (Agnishwar has two prior films to his credit, one of them a short film composed of just six shots!)

Talking about "A", Agnishwar says the audience will realize the significance of the title when they watch it. "A" is a satirical take on human habits and certain attitudes of people.

The shooting of "A" is complete, with music composition and post production work in progress at the time of this post.

Ananya Paul is a journalist and senior producer of a major television news channel in Calcutta.