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Shoumika Ganguli shares with us this short write up on her journey to getting published. Our readers may remember Shoumika's prior writings on Washington Bangla Radio, including her ode to all mothers of the world "The Hand that Rocked the Cradle", her take on the word "Please" and her poem "Bidding Adieu".


By Shoumika Ganguli

‘Success is 99% failure’, antonyms so beautifully used in a sentence that can actually mollify a livid soul. So with this jaunty quote I start off with a fresh piece of writing, waiting to be lauded as a writer which I know is a way too tumultuous an expectation but may be infinity is another name for expectation. Starting on an optimistic note doesn’t mean that I love the boulevard to my dreams but rather I would like to make a small enlightenment in this regard. I started writing in school when my English teacher once praised me for my immaculate writing and a gamut of thinking stuff. The very next day I read the story of a lady writing on a piece of scratch paper and all the world could know was Harry Potter. I then switched my dream from becoming an Aeronautical Engineer to a full time writer. No sooner I realised the grotesque way.

I am a few poems old which some people say is saturnine and some say satiety. I wish I could say ‘devil may care’ but then you always have this frustrating word called socialising which actually is an opposite to the constitutional right of The Freedom of Speech. Nonetheless I still take their comments on a positive note since they are the one who help me improve in my baby step towards writing. The importance of critic lies in the way you approach towards their comments and let’s say I’m a person who likes using my ears more than my mouth. But the journey to becoming a writer has not just been struggling but rather quiescent.

68 sent mails 1 small publishing and all people crave for is fresh talent. Show me an error and I promise to improve but the problem is people are so much mechanised that they hardly have time to design all they want is a custom made writer, dropped from the laps of God with a pen in hand and a message while coming down ‘you are born to be a writer, son’. Sometimes I feel where have I been dropped from? Divided in a crossroad of so many ambitions, trying to master every trade with full perfection but then is it not unfair that I am not getting enough opportunities. A TV commercial had this very beautiful line, ‘when opportunities comes your way grab it with both hands’, the ‘When’ is something that is of utmost perforce.

But since we are all thread with the beads of hope we move on. Even after a hundred failures what is the probability that the hundred and one’th event won’t be a success.  After all the classical definition of probability says that the odds in favour of an event is zero if there is no occurrence for that event. May be there is a peccadillo from my side as well that I am unaware of. So I moved on and after 96 days of dichotomy the good old Bill Gates product is at my kind perusal. The keyboard became my pen and the entire event surrounding my hiatus from the writing circuit is what I intended to type. It’s not an event of one fine morning that my conscious rose from a siesta of 96days that empowered me to open the Word document, it was rather a small word of praise from my Boss. Yes boss! A word that is always synonymous to Hitler and all the pathetic adjectives of the English lexicon. But the word exception is also one of them and so is my boss. Now that is some solid reason to cut through and come back from a hiatus. Isn’t it?

With this venting of frustration, I still want this piece of little write-up to be published not because I have seen failures in my life or because 68 mails are too much but because those who are tired with less than 68 mails can chin up and satiate themselves to work harder and those who have hard luck with more than 68 sent mails can just boast about their own retribution. I hope I will have more takers not because I am complaining that I didn’t have enough earlier but because this might serve as a good optimistic pedigree for both strugglers and established writers. Now since I started on an optimistic and resplendent note I should wrap it up with a nice cover from my personal favourite Thomas Alva Edison because today packaging is more important than hat is inside the package.

‘I will not say I failed a thousand times, I will say I discovered a thousand ways that can cause failures’.


Shoumika Ganguli - Poetess - Washington Bangla RadioShoumika Ganguli is a creative writer from Kolkata and can be contacted by e-mail at gangulitina1988 [at] gmail [dot] com.