Interview: Pouroosh Sorcar (P C Sorcar Master) Talks About Magic & Bengali Movie "Baaj"

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[Actor Magician Pouroosh Sorcar, P C Sorcar Master]Washington D.C., May 6, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Pouroosh Sorcar, the famous Magician P C Sorcar Master, chats with Arijit Chakraborty on Washington Bangla Radio about his background, experience, magic shows, Bengali film Baaj (2011) and many other topics the day before he left for Chennai for a multi-month Magic show.

Pouroosh is the only grandson of Jadoo Samrat P. C. Sorcar Sr., son of P. C. Sorcar Young, and goes by the stage name P. C. Sorcar Master. He learned magic from his father. Along with his profession as a magician, he has also recently entered into the world of Bangla movies.

In this informal but candid talk, Pouroosh touches on the challenges of being a live performer and invariably facing technical difficulties, and believes that how one faces these moments truly defines a magician's personality.

He had brought the world of street magic to popular culture via T.V. shows and, over time, as magic became more popular on T.V. along with the stage, decided why not bring magic to the silver screen as well?

Baaj (Bengali, 2011), his first movie, is a story with a social commentary, and has a slightly off-track storyline. In this movie, he plays the character of Bishu, someone who actually knows magic, and enjoyed the experience of shooting the movie tremendously.

Pouroosh knows that now-a-days the audience is aware of cinematic moves like cuts and frames, and this knowledge enables them to enjoy magic on the silver screen as much as they do on stage. This is one reason why Pouroosh wants to keep trying to bring magic to movies in newer ways, and is certain that all his future movies will feature magic to a significant extent.