Cosmic Strings First Music Album "Unstring"

Gurgaon, Haryana, April 29, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / India PRwire) Cosmic Strings is a Indian band doing fusion music. They are based out of Gurgaon, Haryana. They define their music as world fusion and constantly experiment with different music genres to crate a unique sound and rythym pattern. They have 2 members in the band - Akshay Saxena and Pritam Sunar.

Akshay who is the lead guitarist and vocalist of Cosmic Strings is the other founding member of the band and has been instrumental in laying the ideas and conceptualizing the songs along with Pritam . He has penned most of the music of cosmic strings along with deciding on genre and rhythm architecture. Pritam who is the man on keyboards and vocals in the band is one of the founding members of Cosmic Strings and has been quite instrumental in laying the melody architecture in the compositions of Cosmic Strings. His penchant of mixing and coming out with fluid melodies on his keyboard lends an abstract touch to the Cosmic Strings compositions. He belongs to Siliguri , West Bengal . He has had proper training on different playing styles in keyboard from his guru and a highly experienced musician and professional sound engineer Kumar Mahanta.

Cosmic Strings announced that they will be doing an online release of their first album titled as "Unstring" globally through their band website ( on 3rd May 2011. The album "Unstring" contains 7 tracks which are mostly a fusion of different genres creating a unique sound which would appeal to the Indian as well as global audience.

Cosmic Strings would also be doing an online release of their album on Itunes and other big online music stores soon post their website based release of their album. "This album will appeal to audience who listen to genres as varied as alternative rock at one end to Indian classical at the other, such is the depth of genres which have been experimented with in our album", said Akshay Saxena, founding member of Cosmic Strings. "We also have a social number which we have dedicated to orphan and underpriviledged children", said Pritam Sunar the other founding member from the band.

Cosmic Strings have also in past tied up with Gurgaon community radio 107.8FM "Gurgaon Ki Awaaz" and have composed a number of signature tunes for them.