Soha Ali wishes to work with Aparna Sen and Goutam Ghosh

Kolkata, May 4, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / Kreation Guru) The actress born with the proverbial silver spoon is no new comer to the arena of stardom; rather she has her roots in it. Being the daughter of a multi dimensional actress of Sharmila Tagore’s stature, she is accustomed to showbiz with its associated glitter; its spells of frustration and those of cheer.

When she began her professional career with ‘Dil Maange More’, it seemed that young Soha with her flawless complexion and strikingly perfect features was cut out exclusively for the celluloid. Despite her films not living up to the commercial benchmarks, her acting was generally acclaimed for its inherent poise and brilliance. While ‘Rang De Basanti’ was commercially successful, the same is not true for many others she worked in. Nevertheless her roles in Bengali films such as ‘Iti Srikanta’ and ‘Antar Mahal’ won her rave reviews and honour. After her stirring performance as Jashomoti in Ritu Parna Ghosh’s ‘Antar Mahal’, one could easily see Soha’s affinity with alternate group of movies which do not necessarily cater to popular whims and fancies.

Having bagged another offbeat offer in Deepa Mehta’s ‘Winds of change’, Soha recently reiterated her desire to make her presence in movies with a difference. Unwilling to reveal a great deal about her challenging offer in the forth coming venture of Deepa Mehta, Soha expressed her willingness to make it with critically acclaimed film makers of  Aparna Sen and Goutam Ghose’s repute. Deepa Mehta’s film revolving around a novel by Salman Rushdie highlights Soha as a woman by the name of Jamila. According to the thinking actress, Deepa with her international appeal had the required skill to attribute an artistic dimension to complicated situations and thoughts In course of launching a creative event based in Kolkata, Soha rated Aparna Sen and Goutam Ghose as some of her favorites. The pretty actress with a touch of intelligence was supposed to be a part of Aparna Sen’s project by the name of ‘Goyner Baksho’. But due to some unforeseen reasons the concerned venture could not materialize. The actress hoped that in case of its revival, or in case if the ace film maker had something new to offer, she would be all too glad to take the required plunge.

Goutam Ghose another of Bengal’s renowned film maker widely acclaimed for his deep social and psychological insights also merited a place among Soha’s preferences. In case he had a suitable role to offer, the actress would definitely go for it. The actress was equally cool about making it with some of the new ones in B town. She was particularly hopeful about two of her forthcoming ventures in ‘Soundtrack’ and ‘Chemistry’. The latter being a light hearted entertainer with touches of romance and comedy.

The actress, who has grown up watching some of her mother’s prolific portrayals, rated Sharmila’s delineation in Satyajit Ray’s “Devi” as the best of all.  One feels that Soha with her striking similarities to her mother has come of age with due realization of her inherent strength to make it big in meaningful movies.