Aamir Khan is a firm supporter for the Community Radio drive

Mumbai, May 3, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / Kreation Guru) The multifariously talented Aamir Khan has not only limited himself to the domains of acting, directing and film making; but also has gone much beyond it. Apart from creating films which are uniquely different in script and thematic content from the existing commercial flicks of Bollywood; one finds him donning wide variety of roles to address issues of social concern.

As the honorary brand ambassador of Indian tourism, he was recently seen spearheading the much needed cleanliness drive so that people get to understand its respective value and what it means in terms of the country’s prestige. Recently the perfectionist is all geared up to address the issue of community radio. The motivating director was seen being a part of its first anniversary celebration. The only community radio station of the concerned locality is run and administered by the inmates of a multi storied apartment, which also includes the residence of Aamir Khan.

Belonging to the neighbourhood of Bandra, he has been urging its rich and influential community to contribute to the cause of the radio station. The posh locality of Bandra houses the exquisite residence of a number of film stars including SRK, Kareena, Ranbir and Salman Khan. The socially inclined super star requested the celebs to come up with their graceful contributions so that the community radio can sustain.

Citing his personal example, Aamir recollected how he contributed financially when the community was in the process of establishing a radio channel. Even now, he wants to be a part of the venture so that its existence does not come to stake. Apart from providing financial help, he is also willing to share his valuable time to remain closely connected with the medium. He welcomed the assistance already provided by a number of people including the celebrities.

The move to support the cause of the radio station will enhance the bondage among the people of the same neighbourhood. Even celebs will get an opportunity to reach out to the people at large. Besides knowing one another, the cause may turn out to be a platform for enhanced social interaction. The involvement of the celebrities with the cause will ultimately boost the popularity of the radio channel. Apart from enhancing social interaction, the community radio can serve manifold purposes.

It can project the inherent talents and potentials of the beginners who are unable to get a national focus. Thus in this way it can emerge as a platform for showcasing and fostering local talents. According to Aamir, even elderly people and women restricted to the limits of home and hearth may be appropriately projected by the community radio. Women skilled in culinary art can be encouraged to share their interesting recipes, while veterans may be goaded into sharing their own experiences of the given locality with the listeners. In this way the younger folks will come to know about its colourful past.

The radio station by the name of “Jago Mumbai” was thus given the necessary boost by the star performer. It was indeed a laudable gesture on his part to provide the much needed encouragement to this dying mass media, which once excelled as a popular forum of entertainment.