The Most Auspicious Day "Akshay Tritiya "of Hindu Calendar

The day which offers everlasting benefits (Akshayphal) that is Akshay Tritiya will be celebrated by worldwide Hindus on 6th May this year. True to its name this third day of bright fortnight of Hindu lunar month of Vaishakh is one of the three and half auspicious lunar days (muhurats) of Hindu almanac and on this day each and every moment is auspicious.

As per the Hindu holy text Madanratna Lord Sri Krushna elucidates the importance of this day to Yudhishtir that the offering made and the oblations offered in the sacrificial fire on this day never goes in vain. It is believed that everything done on this day for the sake of deities and ancestors is Akshay (immortal). Hence the day is celebrated with the rituals like Udak Kumbha Dan (donating water filled pot) til tarpan (offering sesame to ancestors and to deities), mruttika pujan (sowing of seeds).

This day also marks the end of the purest era Satyayuga and beginning of next era Tretayug. As per the tenet of Hinduism the end of one era and the 1st day of next era is considered to be very auspicious.

Religious festivals and vowed religious observances are an integral part of Hindu culture. Hindu festival celebrations and vowed observances are designed also to enhance the spiritual purity of society. On this auspicious day, Forum for Hindu Awakening sends greetings to all Hindus, and urges all to make Akshay (immortal) efforts to understand, live and preserve Hinduism.