Rock music is getting more popular among the Indian youths everyday

Mumbai, May 1, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / Kreation Guru) Rock music is the craze of today’s generation and it has picked up very much in India. The music seems to be the only choice of the youth, girls and boys alike. ‘Parikrama’ is a music band of such music, the rock and roll. The group hails from New Delhi, India where the band was first formed on 17th June 1991. It has a performance career of twenty years to its credit.

Its very first concert was held on AIDS awareness in Delhi. Its members are all from Delhi with Nitin Malik, Subir Malik (both of them are brothers), Sonam Sherpa, Saurabh Chaudhary, Srijan Mahajan, Chintan Kalra and Sheel Patel.

At the Royal Stag Corporate Carnival held in New Delhi on 18th Dec. 2005, the band was joined by Saif Ali Khan, the Bollywood star, who makes his intermittent appearances through it as he is an admirer of the band. ‘Parikrama’ has visited and performed in all metro cities of the India with Saif Ali Khan. Nitin Malik, the chief vocalist of the band, says that they like Saif Ali Khan joining them even though they get overshadowed by his presence. According to him, Saif plays with them every two years because it is difficult for him to be around all the time with them as he keeps busy otherwise. The latest performance of the band was on 21st Feb. 2011, in Mumbai, at the National Institute of Fashion Technology.

According to Nitin, the culture of rock music has made a major leap since their first performance in 1991. Twenty years back, the audience did not know what rock music was all about; they just accepted anything that was pushed down their gullet. Today, the scenario is a total turn around. They know the music, the number played, and do not accept anything away from the original. In other words, ‘xerox’ of the music is no longer accepted; it has to be original. This has challenged the music band in a great way.

With the challenge comes the question about the finances needed for the performance. Nitin says that the strategies for marketing have also changed dramatically; the internet is a boon in improving the scenario of rock music.

The band has associated itself with the entertainment channel, FOX History, since a few years and the latest news about ‘Parikrama’ is that one will be able to watch the band perform on the channel. Recently, they had performed in New Delhi for Jimmy Hendrix and Pink Floyd who belong to the ‘Woodstock Generation’. The Vice President (marketing) of FOX International channels, Debarpita Banerjee, released the album of the ‘Woodstock Generation’ at the concert.

‘Parikrama’ has also recently joined ‘Hangama’, the pioneer of the giant Digital Distribution at, their new venture, Unreleased Music. Subir Malik, the manager of the band, says that this is the best organized venture by them so far. Since the days of commercial music are over, they are trying to pave the way for non-commercial music; much money and time has gone into its marketing.