5 Health Benefits of Guava

By Clara Fernandes

Guava, photographed in Bangalore

Guava, photographed in Bangalore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mumbai, June 13 - Guava is a seasonal, tropical fruits which are easily available in India. Along with the distinctive flavor and aroma, Guavas also have multiple health benefits. Guavas are a rich source of vitamins, Minerals and fibre, making Guava one of the healthiest fruits. Pocketnewsalert presents you with the 5 benefits of eating Guava.

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1. Act as an Immunity Boosters

Guavas are a rich source vitamin c even more than oranges. Vitamin C is the vitamin associated with improving immunity.

2. Lower Risk of Cancer

Guavas contain a high source of antioxidant lycopene, Guava leaves help fight cancer.

3. Good for diabetics

Guavas have a low glycemic level making it a good fruit to control diabetes. Guavas are a rich source of fibre which ensures the sugar levels are well maintained. here are a few more article related to diabetes on Pocketnewsalert.com.

4. Good for Heart Health

Guavas improve the sodium/potassium balance in the body, in turn regulating the blood pressure levels. Guavas help in reducing bad cholesterol levels.

5. Reduce Stress

The rich magnesium content in Guavas help in relaxing your body and mind. So after a long day at the office, a guava is one thing that you need to relax your body, fight stress and give your system a good energy boost.