MTV Iggy Presents - The 25 Best New Bands In The World

Iggy 25 Best New Bands Of The World - Watch free music videos online and
 voteApr 30, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) MTV Iggy has published a great list of The 25 Best New Bands in the World.

In this exclusive feature published by MTV Iggy at, MTV Iggy offers a definitive list of artists catching fire that music lovers across the world will surely find interesting.  The list is eclectic in its coverage of genres and features everything from Chinese No-Wave to New Zealand Dance-Punk to home-grown Brooklyn Indie Rock.

"We started by making a list of every single new musical act in the world. Then, after many hours of sweating and yelling at each other, we whittled, pared and shaved the list down until there were only 25 left", writes MTV Iggy. "Is your favorite band here? Maybe. Is your NEW favorite band here? Definitely."

The feature presents visitors to vote for their favorite bands. An in-depth profile of each band is presented, along with sparkling videos featuring songs and music of the bands. Visitors can watch the music videos of each band free online, read the excellent profiles, and vote.

Check out the The 25 Best New Bands in the World full list and vote for your favorite bands today at

Here is a music video of the American band Javelin from Providence, New York. The name of the song is "Soda Popinski".

MTV Iggy"Soda Popinski"
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