JAI HIND - India's First Internet-Only Late Night Comedy Show Online

Jai Hind Online Internet Comedy ShowApril 26, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) An Undercover Productions and Buzzintown joint presentation, JAI HIND! with Sumeet Raghavan is India's first online-only late night comedy show aired from jayhind.buzzintown.com Mondays and Thursdays at 10 PM.

All information in this post is from the official JAY HIND! web-page. You can watch the show free online by visiting the official web-site.

The concept of Jai Hind! is similar to Movers & Shakers which broke new grounds in Indian Television.

The major difference being that we will play to the strength of material: the stand-up routine and go less heavy on the Gags…and focus on really entertaining and funny conversations for the Interview segment.

The stand-up has always earned the maximum TRPs for Movers & Shakers and as the same Creative and Writing team is making this new exciting show we can expect the same if not higher level of hilarious content.

A nice and long stand-up, supported by guest appearances by celebrities and zany Gags in and out of the studio - particularly on the streets of the country including small towns, will make this show really stand up and deliver. (these segments will be done by a rotating team of the best comic talents)

Sumeet Raghavan (host / presenter): Anyone who has ever watched TV, or is interested even remotely in Marathi Theatre, or has seen classy movies lately, is bound to be familiar with Sumeet Raghavan! He is by far the most versatile of performers, having been in the entertainment industry for over 25 years. Sumeet has made an indelible impression on people’s minds through Theatre, TV, Bollywood, Classical Music, Ads and lots more!read more »

Abhigyan Jha (writer - director) is best known as the director of the film Sacred Evil, as well as the executive producer, creative director, and script editor of the popular Indian Late Night Show - Movers and Shakers. He also wrote the novel November Rain in December 1993, published by Abhigyan and Mrinal under the imprint 'Utopia'. Based on an incident of reincarnation that he experienced, the story led Zee Television to convert it into an episodic primetime television series called Tum Bin Jaoon Kahan, which aired on India's national television in 2003-2004.

Abhigyan has since been writing stories and screenplays for both Indian and international media. One of his novels, The Prayer, will be converted into an international movie, ahead of its publication as a fictional book.

Cast and Credits:
Anchor/Host :     Sumeet Raghvan
Created and Directed by :     Abhigyan Jha
Lead Writers:     Varun Grover & Rahul Patel
Episodic Writer :     Sorabh Pant
Additional Script by :     Rahul Chaudhury, Jeevak Muntode, Vivek Viswam & Anil Goel
Guest Contributors :     N. Madhavan, Animesh Pathak
Permanent Guest Star :     Rajeev Nigam
Boothnath & Street Segments Directed by :     Anand Jain & Rahul Patel
Animation & Graphics Director :     Jeevak Muntode
Sets Designed by :     Samir Chanda (Artz) with special thanks to Subhajyoti
Lighting & Videographer :     Varun Sud
Editors :     Altaf Shaikh, Sunder Lal & Pramod Maurya
Sound :     Sanjay Dhingra
The Scrubber Band (basically the Rubber Band with a piece of S thrown in) :     Kedar Mulani on Drums, Mithila Lad (Vocals), Joy On Keyboards, Manoj on the Lead Guitar and Crosby on the Bass.
Title Track Lyrics :     Varun Grover
Title Track Sung by :     Sumeet Raghvan
Title Track Composed by :     Claver (member of the original Rubber Band of Movers & Shakers)
Show Packaging :     Rashi Thakur, Jeevak Muntode & Varun Grover with additional, crucial and inevitable inputs from Rahul Patel
Last but never The Least,
Produced by :     Mrinal Jha for Undercover Productions

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