Interview | A R Rahman - Composing songs on eight Apple iPads

Apr 22, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Award-winning Indian singer, songwriter and music composer A R Rahman recently came to New York and just after his 4 AM flight landed he ran to the 24/7 Apple store to buy Ipads.  By 11 AM he was in the MTV Iggy studios interviewing and playing original music on his new App’s.

MTV Iggy had the chance to sit down one-on-one with Rahman before he announced his upcoming world tour, “A. R. Rahman Jai Ho Concert: The Journey Home World Tour.” MTV Iggy found that not only does he own an iPad, he now owns eight!

Apple grossly underestimated demand for the iPad and had to push back European release date of the device to cope with US demand. Apple also declared record non-holiday-season quarterly revenue boosted by iPad's success. Daniel G. Lebryk writes in his iPad review, "From the first announcement of this device, I was prepared to dislike the iPad, on paper it has way too many flaws. With one in hand and actually using the device, I can honestly say it is an excellent, gorgeous, piece of hardware. The biggest flaw, it weighs a ton. The weight doesn't sound like a bad thing, but after I held this device in both hands while laying down, my arms got sore. It's a small thing, but you should be aware that it is heavy."

You can buy the Apple iPad online here »

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MTV IggyMTV IGGY Exclusive: A.R. Rahman Masters iPad With Original Song
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