Kuch Kariye (Hindi, 2010) - Sukhwinder Singh - Shreya Narayan

Apr 21, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Jagbir Dahiya's Kuch Kariye (2010) Hindi movie has a star-cast of popular writer-singer-compopser Sukhwinder Singh with Shreya Narayan, Rufi Khan, Vikram Kumar and more. Music is by Onkar and lyrics by Salim Bijnouri.

Kuch Kariye has a release date of Friday Apr 30, 2010. The film is produced by Surya Entertainment.

The film tells the story of four young people with a love for movies taking on the challenge of realizing their dream of film-making in the contemporary megacity of Mumbai along with its social and political aspects.

Watch the theatrical promo-preview online.

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