Interview | Watch Beautiful Bengali Actress MEGHA BURMAN speak about Sohan Roy's DAM 999 (2010) Movie

Megha Burman - Actress - DAM 999Apr 19, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Actress Megha Burman plays Raziya in Dam 999, a Sohan Roy film. Dam 999 is a project initiated by Marine Biz TV - World's first Global Maritime Television Channel, with the extensive support of the maritime industry.

Megha Burman, a Bengali beauty, will be the symbol of love in DAM 999. Megha was born and brought up in Kolkata and completed her bachelors degree in Mass Media and Communications from Mumbai. Being in top brand commercials, she is a known face to many. Her appearance in Motorola, Bru, Pepsi, Tata Docomo, Fastrack Watches, Sony Cyber Shot has left many dazed. It is time Megha Burman shared her views with all the fans of DAM 999. Here is a part of the conversation with Megha that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Interview - Megha Burman - from Dam999 official site

What made you take up DAM 999?

After APF, I was waiting for a challenging movie, DAM 999 was exactly what I wanted, I found it unique and very interesting. The movie revolves around an outdated Dam outlined with a classic emotional thriller biased with the concept of Navarasa.

About your character in DAM999?

My character’s name is Raziya. She is one among the lead characters in the movie. Raziya depicts Shringara (love) rasa in the movie with green as the color denoting the emotion.

Your perspective after reading the script of DAM999?

DAM999, has lot to share with its audience.   I was amazed to know that each character portrays a Rasa in the movie, and we definitely can’t leave the fact it conveys a message to the world regarding the consequences of outdated dams.

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DAM 999 is scheduled for a release date in late December, 2010.

DAM 999 Theatrical Trailer

Official Synopsis

The sea breeze never shared the tales of the sea, but its mysteries reached the lands and have always aroused the imagination of many great minds. These stories becomes bland when it reaches the equator , such legends can be kept alive only by a mariner, the closest counter part of the ocean. Dam 999 is an epic portrayed through the eyes of a mariner for the world.

Dam 999, the first international movie that tells an extra ordinary story about the mariners. The movie visualizes a deteriorated dam built during the pre-independence days of India. The dam in the movie is a symbol of obstruction and contained emotions. Like the dam, the characters in the movie hold back their emotions, but a day comes when the dam collapses and with it flows the secrets of the characters

DAM 999, An emotional thriller Directed by Sohan Roy with 16 national award winners to give the viewers, an experience to delight in.


Rajit Kapur, Ashish Vidyarthi, Linda Arsenio, Joshua Fredric Smith, Jaala Pickering, Megha Burman, Vimala Raman, Vinay Rai, Jineet Rath


Director: Sohan Roy S K
Project Consultant: Eric Sherman
Script Doctor: Rob Tobin
Director of Photography: Ajayan Vincent
Production Designer: Thotta Tharani
Casting Director & Associate Producer: Uzma Xina Kang
Music Director: Ouseappachan
Sound Designer: Shajith Koyeri
Make-Up Artist: Pattanam Rasheed
Costume Designer: S B Satheesh
Playback Singers: Hariharan, P. Jayachandran, K S Chithra, Shreya Ghoshal
Choreographer: Prasanna