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Songs From Ashes - Chai Theke Gaan - Tapan Sanyal

April 17, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) A book of peoms, "Chai Theke Gan" (Songs from the Ashes) by Mr Tapan Sanyal, a muti-faceted talent and an acclaimed poet, has been released by Varabhi Prakashani.

The book was released by famous folk-song composer-singer Mr Arun Chakraborty (of Lal Paharir Deshe Ja fame) and translated by the young Poet Laureate Sonnet Mondol.

Mr Sanyal recently interviewed singer-songwriter Arun Chakraborty - the video is available here.

Washington Bangla Radio also published an exclusive interview with acclaimed young international poet Sonnet Mondol - the video is available here.

Tapan Sanyal can be contacted at ph +91-983-079-1929, e-mail: tmusehere [at] Tapan Sanyal is also a music composer and an accomplished Tabla player. He and his wife Tripti Sanyal (singer) are experimenting with classcial world fusion music. Washington Bangla Radio has previously featured the works of Tapan and Tripti Sanyal:

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