Interview | JOY SARKAR - JODI EKDIN Bengali Movie Music Composer and Director

RINGO Banerjee's JODI EKDIN Bengali Movie - Music Composer & Director Joy SarkarApr 15, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) By Subhomoy Mukherjee, Washington Bangla Radio Kolkata correspondent

The Word “joy” means “win”- sometimes name does not matter, but definitely the name matters otherwise. We are talking about Joy Sarkar, the talented Music Director – his career graph proves that he is there to win always.

Being a son of eminent singer, Sudhin Sarkar, he groomed up in the musical ambience which helped him to be interested into the World of music.

He always agrees that birth in a musical family gives him the advantage to learn about music and to get opportunity at the very early stage more easily than others.

Though he got the opportunity to learn singing from very childhood, he felt very shy at tender age to sing, specially in front of others. He loves listening songs but never likes to sing. But he was very keen about instrumental!!

At the age of adolescence, he started to learn Guitar and guitar gave him the wings to fly at the sky of music!!

He performed first on stage at the age of 15 and from then he never looked back as a guitarist and for years, he is famous and regular on stage with his guitar.

But he was keen about experiment and other instruments too so he always interested to create, to innovate music of different note.

So after some years, he has started to compose music.

He is a genius so in 1998, he got the opportunity from none other than HMV
( now Saregama), the powerhouse of Indian Music Industry, to compose music for his 1st album for another new but more established talent than him then, famous singer Lopamudra Mitro.

That album not only ensured discovery of a talented music director but starting of a new real life musical saga of Joy and Lopamudra who are now married to each other.
From then, Joy has got popularity as a good music director and he has composed music till date for hundreds of album.

Joy considers Lopamudra as the true inspiration of his life.

Now Joy has entered the filmdom by composing music for none other than eminent filmmaker Riingo Banerjee.

The film “Jodi Ekdin” as the 1st movie venture from reputed entertainment company, Orion is a love story with seven songs.

Joy has worked hard to maintain quality and creating exceptionality for the songs and background score of Jodi Ekdin.
Joy has got famous singers like Shreya to sing in the tune of him in Jodi Ekdin and after the premiere, people are discussing about Joy’s talent and success as a film music director.
We also pray for Joy’s journey in the path of music as a commander.

Joy Sarkar is an accomplished and acclaimed artist and music composer. He is the background score composer and music director of Kolkata Bengali movie JODI EKDIN (2010) directed by Riingo Banerjee.

Joy Sarkar talks to Washington Bangla Radio in an exclusive and intimate interview (Video) hosted by Subhomoy Mukherjee, WBRi correspondent from Kolkata. Joy talks about his childhood when he started off as a vocalist - but he was more excited by instrumental aspects of compositions, and started playing the guitar which has been his real base as an artist for many years now. A professional guitarist and music arranger for numerous albums, JODI EKDIN sees Joy Sarkar debuting as the composer of the musical score of a feature film.

Riingo Banerjee's Jodi Ekdin (2010) revolves around Neel played by Indraneil Sengupta and Nikita played by Priyanka Sarkar and their relationship in the context of a fast-paced modern way of life which leaves little time for pursuing emotional attachment.

The film features an innovative role for singers and lyicists Anindya, Upal and Chandril (of wannabe Bangla band Chandrabindoo) and Dibyendu - they appear in certain scenes and help narrate and take the story forward.
Joy Sarkar is married to acclaimed singer Lopamudra Mitra and is a longtime friend of Shreya Ghoshal and Suvojit of Orion (producers of Jodi Ekdin) and talks about how close and comfortable he quickly became with Riingo Banerjee. JODI EKDIN is also the debut in film production by Suvojit and Orion Entertainment, a partner of Washington Bangla Radio.

Joy Sarkar also makes some very poignant points about contemporary Bengali music versus the "golden period" of 1960s - 1980s, and offers encouragement to current musicians in a thought-provoking way sure to strike a chord with viewers of this interview.

Washington Bangla Radio has previously posted a great interview of Riingo Banerjee and his wife Shiny which can be found here.

There are seven film songs in Jodi Ekdin performed by various playback singers including Shreya Ghoshal, Soumitra of Bhoomi, Arnab, Upal, Jayati and others.
1.Aaj Roddur Sikhche
2.Khub Short E Bolte Gele
3.Deke Jay
4.Chol Phool Jhorabi
6.Deke Jay
7.Khola Chithi

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