Interview | Bhavna Shinde of Forum for Hindu Awakening on the upcoming Hindu Dharma Sabha in Chicago (Apr 24, 2010)

Hindu Dharma Sabha Chicago USA April 24 2010

Apr 14, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) The Hinduism Summit (Dharma Sabha) to be held on April 24, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois, USA aims to promote an understanding about the unique science behind Hinduism concepts and practices, and provide practical guidance on living Hinduism. The Hinduism Summit aims also to unite everyone interested in Hinduism, to preserve it in the face of denigration and misconceptions about Hinduism today. For tickets and more information, please visit the Forum for Hindu Awakening we-bsite.

The Dharma Sabha is indeed a unique event for every person interested in understanding, living or preserving Hinduism, and will be webcast live on Saturday 24th April from 2:30 to 6pm US EST on  and  sites. It will feature speeches by selfless leaders and scholars like Dr. Richard Benkin on Bangladeshi Hindus' ethnic cleansing and Dr. Sanjay Mehrotra on the message of the Bhagavad Geeta.

Listen to an exclusive interview with Ms Bhavna Shinde of Forum for Hindu Awakening by Sanatan Dharma Foundation on Hindu Unity and their forthcoming Hindu Dharma Sabha in Chicago - press the play button above to tune in.

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