Achin Pakhi (2010) Bengali Movie - Original Film Review

Achin Pakhi Bengali Movie Poster Manali Dey Subrat DuttApr 11, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) By Subhomoy Mukherjee, WBRi Kolata Correspondent

Achin Pakhi is the newest from Eminent Film Director Anjan Das, which is a Bengali film based on Rural regions & cultures of Bengal. Achin Pakhi is the story of a rural family of Rai Saheb, Mita, Tanu , Pakhi and Achin. This is the Debut Film of Manali De, famous as Mouri to Bengali Household for popular Bangali Daily Soap, BOU KATHA KAU. Achin and Pakhi are the names of two lead roles and the movie is based on their life.

The Story of the film based on Maiman Singh Folk Tales, tells about Achin who is a servant in the home of the affluent and powerful Rai Saheb , is accused of a murder he did not commit. Achin runs away and takes shelter in an island inhabited by fishermen. He meets Pakhi there. They fall in love and decide to settle down. Just then, Achin is arrested and imprisoned while Pakhi is forcibly married off to Tanu, Rai Saheb's deranged son

It is a remake of a Super Hit Bangladeshi film called Monpura (2009), a musical romance. Some songs of the film Achin Pakhi as well as the background score are really good. Cinematography is excellent – the main strength of the film is Cinematography. Subrat Dutta as Achin is wonderful, natural and spontaneous. He gets better with every film. The newcomer in film, Manali Dey is also good.

But the film is not as sound as other Das creations as per improper treatment and weak script. We always except something very innovative from the maker of Sanjhbatir Roopkathara (buy DVD online) Faltu (DVD), Jara Brishtite Bhijechilo (DVD). The speed of the film is so slow that some part of audience was really sleeping. At the same time, movement from one incident to another is so fast that audience lost their interest.

But if someone likes to appreciate good acting, music and cinematography , he or she must watch the movie.

Cast: Subrat Dutta as Achin, Manali De as Pakhi, Sudip Chakroborty, Barun Chakroborty, Madhumita Dutta, Chanda Chatterjee, Tapan Ganguly, Tapas Singha.
Crew: Director : Anjan Das; Producer: Kamal Bansal; Cinematographer : Asim Bose; Editor: Sanjib Dutta; Background Scorer: Som Dasgupta; Music Director: Iqbal A. Kabir Joel; Sceen Play ; Gias Ud-din Selim

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