Interview | Sonnet Mondal - the internationally acclaimed young poet speaks with WBRi and recites his poems (video)

Apr 9, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) The internationally acclaimed poet and youngest Poet Laureate Sonnet Mondol talks to Subhomoy Mukherjee of WBRi Washington Bangla Radio and recites a couple of his poems. Watch the interview video and listen to Sonnet's recitation online - click on the Play button below.

Poet Laureate Sonnet Mondal is one of the illustrious names in the field of English Poetry and Literature. Starting his poetic career in 2007 through his book “A Poetic Peep Into The Post Modern World”, at present he has authored two other collections of poetry namely “The Curse of Atlantis and Other Poems”(released in 2009), “21 lines Fusion Sonnets of 21st Century” (due release in Kolkata book fair 2010), Sonnet’s Treasure of Poems (due release in 2010 in Sweden) and a translation work namely “Songs from the Ashes”(Due release in Kolkata book fair 2010). He has been honoured several times with many International awards and recognitions and his poetry has been featured in several world famous journals and magazines. His poetries and messages have been read out in radio shows Like World Poetry Café Show, Canada, etc. Reader’s say the specialty of Sonnet’s writings lies in its wide variety, range and simplicity in language. Sometimes he experiments upon traditional poetry, sometimes rhyming and sometimes free verse. But each time he lures his readers into a different World where one can feel a fresh breathe while reading his poems.

Sonnet Mondol's Book Inauguration on World Poetry Day
Sonnet Mondol's Book Inauguration on World Poetry Day, Mar 21, 2010

Sonnet’s has been praised by eminent personalities like Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Harvard President Dew Fraust, Dr. Stephen Gill, Dr. Thiagarajan, Dr. Leo Rebello,Dr. Sandra Fowler, Dr. Ramesh Chandra Mukhopadhyaya, Taslima Nasrin, Nora McCarthy, Trade Martin, Gopal Krishna Gandhi, Subodh Sarkar and many others. The appreciation letters sent to him via emails and through different forums amount to over 1000 from peoples of more than thirty countries.

In 2009 Sonnet’s name was included in the Dictionary of Contemporary International Poets published by International Poetry Translation and Research Centre, China.

His books have also been given as Government Book Award from the Government of West Bengal(DMC),India to well performing students in class 10 and 12.

Sonnet Mondol's Book Inauguration at Calcutta Press Club
Sonnet Mondol's Book Inauguration at Calcutta Press Club

In March 2009 Sonnet was appointed and honored as the Sub-Secretary General of Poetas Del Mundo, Chile in recognition of his works in poetry.
Sonnet was honored with the prestigious Title of "Poet Laureate" from Bombadil Pub. and Co., Sweden representing 15,000 authors from 89 countries in recognition of his works in October 2009. He was interviewed by the publishing house and the news was featured in the Bombadil Newsletter released from Sweden in November 2009.

Sonnet will be awarded Honoris Causa (D.litt., Higher Doctorate) jointly by the International University, California, U.S.A. and United Writers’ Association. The Vice Chancellor of the Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur declared Sonnet as the Student Ambassador of the University in the event of Open Forum 2009 infront of the Top Rankers in WBJEE exams. He has been since in several official committees in the very university as a student's representative. He has been honoured numerous times by several other schools and institutions. The sister school of Drury University, U.S.A., Hemsheela Model Schhol, Durgapur has felicitated him as a star Alumni of the school in its 14th Founder’s day program on 30th December 2009 in the presence of Mr. John Beurlein, Chaiman of board of Trustees, Drury University, U.S.A. and other dignitaries from U.S.A. and India. Recently one of his Bengali poetries has been sung as a song in a CD named Surer Hatchani released from Cozmik Harmony.

Sonnet Mondol - First Stage Performance
First Stage Performance by Sonnet Mondol

Sonnet’s latest book “21 lines Fusion Sonnets of 21st Century”

In his third and latest poetry book “21 lines Fusion Sonnets of 21st Century” Sonnet opens a new poetic dimension and introduces a new brand of twenty one lines fusion sonnet with fresh tone, rhythm and thematic allocation littered all over the surface of the poem. The book presents seventy such sonnets from Sonnet 1 to Sonnet 70 along with other previously written fourteen lines sonnets by Mondal. Each of the seventy sonnets deals with unique themes and depicts the civic society problems in a fresh manner along with an affirmative note in each poem. Unlike straight modern type of poetry, Sonnet in this book presents his verses with pun and ambiguity which induces the reaction of thinking and analyzing among the readers taking them to a new-fangled pinnacle of imagination through acidic truths.

Apart from Literature:

Apart from his works in Literature Sonnet is well known for his social works   all over the world. He along Lawrence S Pertillar(eminent American Poet and Playwright) founded the United Minds for Peace Society (UMFPS) in 2008 which spread all over the world in one year’s time with members from 50 countries with various world peace projects. In 2009 he introduced the Musical Oasis for Resurrection (MORE) as a sub unit of UMFPS as a body working for promoting Indian classical music among youths through youths. In the same year 2008 Sonnet founded The Enchanting Verses International Poetry Journal (ISSN-0974-3057-Registration office-ISSN Centre, France and NISCAIR, India) which currently runs as one the most popular English poetry journals of the world.

Excerpts of Sonnet Mondol's interview with Washington Bangla Radio:

“I took the first air in my lungs at Asansol in West Bengal and I remember some of my childhood memories gaudily. My father Kajal Mondal and Mother Sima Mondal are the key persons behind shaping me into what I am today.

It is the recurrent query everywhere that from where did I get my stimulation or inspiration for poetry. Well, I would like to say that I was not much into poetry reading, listening or writing until class 9, when I wrote my first poem TTIS. It is lost somewhere and I don’t have any words from that poem in my mind except the title. I was initially neither inspired by anyone nor by poetry itself. Leisurely poetry pulled me into itself. I still wonder how it happened. 
About my poetry, they are like my children. It is palpable different people will have different comments about them. At times when they are appreciated I feel proud and at times when they are criticized…I cannot leave them. They are mine and drolly saying I love producing these children (Poetry).
As an advice for upcoming authors I would like to say just Keep Writing and for acknowledgments? - Sometimes you will have to depend upon the Omniscient. If you get that it your good luck if you don’t   ever give a thought to it. Just let your pen flow freely with sovereignty and ecstasy. Welcome criticisms but do not let them hold sway over your thoughts.

Answering your questions how I see myself after 20 years, I would like to say I fancy living in present for myself and I vision for others. If you find somebody to vision the future for me-I will be happy to hear that.”

Poems By Sonnet Mondal

Will that day come?
Oppressive heat turned depressive-
As my head tried to pop out
Of the leaping crowd,
Of the hallucinations amidst the incredible shouts.
On the stage was the bold white band-
But I being one of them too had to stand on land.
I recognize them-
But they perhaps failed to find me,
In the jungle of jumping hands and Mangrove of million heads!
That tore the friendship thread
Blessed by heaven they will go on-
Me too will wait for another dawn
To be blessed and not to sit,
At a corner
But to get fonder
With a crowd fond of me.
I will wait for that to see…


Functional ego
Conflicts within me-
Conflicts with mood-
To create Peace for others,
Forced my functional ego
To shake hands with incensement!
Like blood with mud!
The inner evil opening bud…
Three days of absence
Never washed off the memories;
No screams, no mishaps…
Still the devil prevailed
Not less than a round out of the day.
The blossoms of delight-
Carried on till candlelight…
The devil rose again at dark!!
Perhaps the God had slept in death!!!
But the “Tears of the women”
Made the God alive
And closed the eyes of darkness.

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