Watch: POSTMASTER Bangla Movie First Teaser Trailer Out

By J P Mandal and Asmita Mukherjee, WBRINN (

Actors Ishaan Majumder and Pujarini Ghosh in Postmaster (2016) Bengali film
Ishaan Majumder and Pujarini Ghosh in Postmaster Bengali film

Kolkata, India, April 23 - Srijon Bardhan’s upcoming movie ‘Postmaster’ recently released  its first teaser giving a hint at what is in store for the audience. Based on world poet Rabindranath Tagore’s short story of  the same name, the movie stars Ishaan Majumdar and Pujarini Ghosh playing  the lead roles.

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The first teaser is mainly composed of  long shots establishing the backdrop of the movie which is set in the rural Bengal of mid 70’s. It shows the protagonist (Ishaan Majumder) getting down from a train at a village station. A few more frames of the teaser gives a glimpse of his journey to his posting as he takes a bus ride and then a hand rigged boat to his destination. The brilliantly captured frames hint at the aesthetic high the film is going to have. A particular shot at the turn of a road where the protagonist parts with his co-travellers, i.e. a group of Baul singers is surely a visual treat.

The teaser also gives a glimpse of  the extensive portrayals  of ‘bauls’ in the film who had huge influence on the culture of Bengal in that era. The background music of the teaser has flute as the main musical instrument and adds more Bengali flavour to it. The teaser also bears the credit of the art director, editor, DOP and producer of the film who are Kingshuk Roy, Ujjwal Nandy, Rana Dasgupta and Pradip Kumar Bardhan respectedly.

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